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Postage pricing - Large Letter Overseas?

(Shine On) #1

I currently post in the UK as a Large Letter, but what postage do people use for the rest of the world, I can’t seem to find a Large Letter equivalent for overseas. Trying to wade through the various rules and restrictions but am just confusing myself more.

Can anyone help? Thanks

(Sonia Adam) #2

I always take mine to the PO to send off abroad because then I have a proof of posting (just in case!). I’m pretty sure something that would be posted large letter to inland UK would go as a ‘small packet’ overseas. Have you looked at the RM prices pdf online?

(Christine Shephard) #3

There is no such thing as a Large Letter for overseas post. It’s either a letter (very thin/light) or a packet, and the cost depends on weight rather than size. For countries outside the EU you will need to complete a customs form and attach it to the package. The RM website has all the information you need about posting internationally, including all the options, prices, requirements.

(Shine On) #4

Thanks both. Will check into ‘small packet’ and I’d completely forgotten about proof of posting.

Christine I realise the RM website has all the info, I’d been trying to work it out but had got confused with multiple windows, tables and pdfs.

(Julie) #5

@ShineOn You could try PayPal postage for your international package(s) - just click on “Print Postage Label” in your PP transaction history and it steps you through choosing Letter or Small Packet, entering the weight, and it even takes the details you need on the customs declaration, which it prints along with the postage label. Then all you have to do is sign and date it, and at least you know you’ve done everything correctly.

Don’t be afraid to try it - you can always abort before hitting “pay and continue”.

(Shine On) #6

Thanks @NightOwlCreative, I didn’t even know that was an option. This has all been a steep learning curve!

(Julie) #7

You’re wecome @ShineOn. Also, speaking of “rules” - the customs declaration form is a bit confusing. Assuming it’s a purchased item you are sending, you need to select “Other” rather than Gift or Sample, and add a brief description of the item with its actual weight and value. Again the PayPal procedure for this pretty much guides you through. Also at present there is a Royal Mail postage discount on items under 60g, which also calculates automatically.