Folksy Ltd

Postage Templates

(tyrerart) #1

Is it possible to create postage templates or do you need to put them in for every listing?

(Roz) #2

You can bulk edit your postage rates - go to bulk edit listings on your dashboard. You select the items you want to set a rate for and then just enter the rate. Unfortunately it includes all unexpired listings even those you’ve sold so I find it a bit difficult to navigate and find it easier to just enter postage details as I go.

(Helen Smith) #3

I get round it by starting each new listing by copying one that has the same postage.

(tyrerart) #4

Didn’t realise there was a copy function.

(Helen Smith) #5

Yes, if you click on ‘Listings’ on your dashboard there is a copy button against each listing. Hope that helps, it certainly saves me time.