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Posting to Italy

Anyone posted an item to Italy , I have just had a big order and wondering if anyone has any info to help me .

I have posted three items to Italy and all three arrived within a week.

You will probably hear some horror stories about the Italian postal service - as did I - but in my experience posting to Italy is absolutely fine.

If you go on the Royal Mail restrictions list, the list for Italy is six times as long as any other country’s list, but much appears to be outdated - garters, bound books and bedsteads are listed, amongst others, as are all haberdashery items and home furnishings.

However, I have sent two cushions and a doorstop there with no problems at all.

Sarah x

It is one of the countries that my local post office recommend sending insured and signed for to. If it is a valuable order I would probably do that for peace of mind.

Also you are not allowed to import any leather products.

As a seller I’ve posted to Italy (south Italy) only once and the package arrived in 3 business days! Even the customer was shocked.
However, there are indeed complaints of items getting there slower etc but if the order is large and valuable, I would send it with tracked delivery service anyway - no matter what the country is.
I hope your order gets there without issues.

I have a lot of family in Italy (my mum is Italian) and I’ve never had any problems at all sending packages there.

Natalie x

I have posted several times to Italy with never a problem. Usually arrives in under a week.

Shirley x

I recently had a big order from a customer in Italy - I made her seven hoops - all made to order and I wanted to make sure they got there safely. I was planning to send them tracked and insured anyway because the value of the order was almost £100 - on chatting to the chap at the post office he said he would definitely recommend tracking because In his opinion Italy was one country where parcels got lost (I have no idea if this is true). Over a week later I had an email from the customer saying they were still not there …after many phone calls (to a very helpful Royal Mail) the package arrived on my doorstep. I had paid £13 postage and I had WRITTEN THE ADDRESS INCORRECTLY!!
Is Italy’s postage system tricky ? I have no idea but I learnt an expensive lesson and now copy and paste addresses rather than hand write them! Thank goodness I had the loveliest customer who did not complain once - in fact she says she will be buying again in the future!

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Thanks for your help ,Just posted parcel tracked as you said cost £11.60 so lost a bit in postage ,but worth it to make sure it gets there fingers crossed.

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I’ve also just sent an order to Italy. I used the insured, tracked and signed-for option, and I printed the address label. Let’s see if our parcels get there at the same time!

Strangely enough I’ve had 3 orders to Italy take over 3 weeks to arrive in the last few months. On each occasion the customer has contacted me to check where their item is. Luckily nothing has gone missing yet and they’ve all turned up eventually but it is a little frustrating. It’s only been for ribbon and gift tags so not high value enough to use a tracked service, so I’ve only used airmail.