Product photography crits - put your product shots up for review!

We talk about it A LOT but for anyone selling online having good product shots is crucial, but it can be tricky to get right. So we thought it might be useful to have a thread on the forums where you can submit your product shots for review by other sellers and Folksy staff.

The idea is that you post a product shot from your shop (or one you’re thinking of listing) and the wonderful people of the forum respond with praise, advice and (constructive!) criticism. I know this happens anyway, but thought it would be useful to have a designated space for it.

So if you are having product shot problems, post your pictures or links here (just one or two - please don’t spam the thread!)… and if you think you can help with any tips or suggestions on how the shots can be improved, please do!


I really like this idea. Just not sure I’m brave enough. I’m sat here, looking at my sunny garden, camera charged, jars of stuff ready to be photographed &I’m stalling … photography is my nemesis :frowning:


I’ve always struggled with photos so be gentle please :wink:


Personally I find the ribbon distracting - unless that is what you are selling. I’d remove the ribbon and then you could zoom in more on the earrings.


I’m not really qualified to comment on the photo quality as I have difficulties with my own, but when I saw this I was unsure what was on sale- perhaps an earring kit?


Gosh you’re right that’s why a second opinion is so useful :slight_smile:

OK I think this is interesting. I have a mixed of styles of photo in my shop, I know there is a school of thought that says they should be uniform but I do think it can be a matter of personal taste but I would to take part please.

This is one of my “staged” photos, this picture comes mounted but not framed do you think it is ok to show it in a frame?

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It’s difficult isn’t it. I like the variety in your shop. I also like the photo you’ve posted above and don’t have an issue with the fact it’s framed as I’d always check and like the set up it gives you overall. So tricky isn’t it!?

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I wouldn’t have the framed item as the main shot as it does suggest that it comes with the frame but have a shot of the framed work as one of the other photos to give people an idea of how it could look.
I wish I could get my whites as white as yours - I find that silver over exposes and my whites end up looking grey as I try to avoid that.

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I would always suggest showing artwork in a frame, and having that as your main image. You can use your other shots to show details and how it looks unframed. It often helps buyers imagine how it will look in their house if they can see it framed. I would just make sure it’s very clear in the description that it comes unframed.

Also, when you are photographing artwork, make sure the horizontals and verticals align with the frame - they’re a bit wonky in this shot :wink:


Thank you Ali Sasha and Camilla

It is wonky isn’t it. I didn’t really see it as wonky but yes you are right.
I do tweak with the White on the computer sometimes but try for good natural light. This is actually in my downstairs hall with the front door open. If it’s the right time of day it’s my best chance for good natural light.

I would also like to see the framed as the first photo and details later.

I am not an expert on photography and themes, but I think I would like the lighter backgrounds more for the kind of work that you do. As most of it is about flowers, my eye goes more on the lighter backgrounds. I find the item is getting ‘lost’ in the darker ones. Also, I would try to center the item in some of your photos. Sometimes they look too small. Only my opionion! :flushed:

What a great idea! it would be even better if it would come as a separate forum like Showcase or Shop Talk, so then people could have their own threads and it would be easier to navigate.
But I’m not complaining!
I just listed three quilts and as usual it was very hard for me to get the right feel of the photos. The photo of quilt from the top looks dull, but any arrangements do not show the whole top…
If you could look at how it looks as a listing, all four photos it would be really appreciated


Thank you Minerva :slight_smile: it’s good to get others opinions. I like the black backgrounds for some of my miniatures as I feel being tiny it sets them off from the background, mostly each picture has more than one option to view.

I do need to try and get things straightened up and centred better. I agree - my hubby laughs at me as I can draw straight but i can’t cut straight and it seems my photos are a bit that way too lol

Magdalene your quilts are wonderful - and your photus seem ok to me I personally not too keen on the toys being on the cover picture. Personally other of your picture styles appears to me more. Like this one for instance

I like seeing the reverse and the way the picture shows off the colours etc.

Thank you x
That is my favourite type of shot for my quilts, but i am not sure it would be good for main view, i think it is too detailed and you can’t tell at a glance what it is…
That’s exactly the dilemma i have.
I added the toys to add some kind of reference, i am really struggling to find a spot in my house where i could get decent staged photos :frowning:
Tx xx

I prefer the shot you currently have second where I can see the whole thing and have the toys as reference for scale.

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I’ve been attempting to photograph this dragonfly pendant all day and I’m still not sure I’m happy with it - what should I do with the chain? Comments please.


My hubby just came home and I was telling him about this and he showed me how to get a grid up in our software so i have now straightened my photo. I think I will try to take some more soon and have a little revamp … so thank you for your encouragement