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That’s lovely, I have been over and left some love!

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Thank you Kim for a brilliant tutorial!

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These look great @plumporridge and @aneeya, well done.

I’m going to try to do one for gifts under £10 from people on this thread so if there is anything you would like me to include just pop it on here. If thats Ok @konyskiw

I managed to do it. Thanks for the tutorial :relaxed:


I have shared this on my facebook page:

The image is clickable. Please share. If everyone includes the link to their post, I can share theirs also.


These look great @onesweetiepea and @GrannyDazzleCrochet. It really showcases the great range of creations on Folksy.


Does anyone know if you can share an instagram post (i.e., @aneeya’s above), to instagram? I managed to share it to FB, but would like to post it on my own instagram.

Answering my own question here… it looks like you need another app to repost an instagram post to instagram? However, I have shared @aneeya’s post to my instagram stories, so that’s something! You learn something new everyday!


Sharon, I would be very happy if you included me next time as things are so slow at the moment! I have lots of gifts under £10. Little bags at £10 each

or perhaps these needle cases which come in under £10 even with the P&P .

Hello @TreetopArt - I have a couple of items under £10 …

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I’m making one titled Gifts Galore
Will look at all above.

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Lost the first one :thinking: so here’s a smaller one. Will pop it on Instagram and try and tag you all.


Thanks @onesweetiepea. There is so much more to learn it seems :grin: I haven’t delved into Instagram stories yet, i will need to add it to my learning to do list!


Thank you for the instructions Kim @konyskiw. I am looking forward to having a go later. I have a 3D card order I need to do this afternoon!

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@onesweetiepea I think one way to get around having another app is to take a screenshot of the post, then when you go to make a new post the screenshot should now be in your gallery and you just have to crop it right (and remember to tag who made it originally).

@TreetopArt Of course it’s ok :slight_smile: and if you haven’t made it yet, I’ve got some under £10 items in my magnet section -

Lots of great boards from everyone! I’m glad the instructions helped. I’ve just got to go deliver some things to a shop, so I’ll be back to catch up on the rest later (not sure I’ll get time to make one today).

Thanks @konyskiw. I didn’t know how to take a screenshot on my phone, but I do now! Learning lots today!

Me too, I’ve learned loads from doing this, but I guarantee I will have forgotten all of it by next Friday!

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Hi All. I’d already been doing some Folksy Fridays anyway using Canva. I think I’ve got my head round it now but some things can be a bit fiddly, so I’m going to have a look at BeFunky Kim @konyskiw - it sounds good, thanks for the heads up.

I’ve just shared this on my instagram - I usually check that everyone I want to share has an account so I can tag them all, but did everything backwards today without checking, & found loads of people I want to share aren’t on IG! Think I might try next week with the gift guide bit & change the Folksy logo over - your ones all look great!


My Under £10 board just shared on FB and will share on Twitter and Instagram, hopefully with each shop link :smile:
Sorry if I missed some people


Thanks Sharon. :heart: I will do more now I know about this app.

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