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Pufflings Skuas, lets all go to Tobago + now fixed HTTP ERROR 503 can't get into Folksy

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Me too! Thought it was me.

Just listed a few things as was about to go into shopkeeping to move them around. Had to add a note to my FB page to say it’s no use clicking through as Folksy is having a litle snooze. I have tweeted Folksy and tagged them so hopefully someone will kick the server and get it going again.

OK again ! :slight_smile:

Hello! Sorry, yes that was me ‘fixing’ things. Some of the services had become very sluggish and needed a restart and then one of them didn’t come back up quite correctly.
Sorry about that!
I’ll get back to watching Blue Planet II, now, whilst keeping a fair-weather eye on the servers!


Thanks Doug, sorry to disturb your watching. Get back to those star fish :slight_smile:

I was up to the puffins – it was a very tense moment, with skewers trying to steal their work!


We went to Tobago a few years ago and watched Tropic birds and Frigate birds fighting for their catch. Superb.

Ahhhh that explains the slow page uploads :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Those poor puffins. It was heartbreaking to see the distances they travelled to catch a small beak full of tiny fish, just to have them snatched away before reaching the nest.
It was lovely to see the puffin they focused on get back safely to feed the Puffling. :heart_eyes:


@JOYSofGLASS Man, that sounds idyllic!
@karenscraftybitz Please let ‘Puffling’ be the real noun for infant puffins!


Yes Doug, it is!

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Doug If you like wildlife and you also like sun, sea, sand and especially snorkelling… all I can say is, start saving and get yourself to Tobago.
When we went I traded a lot of Bob’s business-earned airmiles against a BA holiday and it was magic.
We hired a guide who took us on a private trip into the rain-forest, fed us bananas for breakfast and lent us wellies (you don’t tend to pack those for an a Caribbean trip). We spotted 43 varieties of birds.
Even better, there may be snakes there but none are poisonous. The Magnificent Tropic Birds and Frigate birds were on Little Tobago island along with Blue Boobies :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Those will be skuas, Doug. You may be mixing them up with kebabs :slight_smile:


Well, it is lunchtime :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


That has made me very happy! :slight_smile: Now if only the collective noun could be anywhere near as cute…

Tobago --> Bucket list!

Ah, and that does make more sense than Puffins being chased around by skewers, which of course don’t have the power of flight, let alone locomotion or agency. :slight_smile:

I’d best get back to work before you all start shouting at me, hadn’t I? :grin:


I think he meant skuas armed with skewers ready to make fish kebabs :slight_smile:


@dougfolksy Bah! They are boring! I’m creating my own. Pooffle. There yah go. A pooffle of puffins. All who would like to use this word pay me royalties, please. Teehee! :grin:

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In that case, I’m having

A skewer of skuas :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I love Puffins! Saw them this Summer…

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I’ve just come back from Tobago. Was it on Blue Planet?