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Question about free website

(Leathermeister) #1

I need to make a website and have looked at Weebly, there is a 3% transaction charge is that applied to transactions done through in your shop on Folksy or just on the sales direct from my shop on Weebly ? I was planning to just add the link to my shops.

(Deborah Jones) #2

Double check with any free sites that you are thinking of setting up that they are mobile device friendly , as according to Mr Site google are penalising sites that aren’t.
Unfortunately mine isn’t and it seems a palaver and expense to upgrade.

(Minerva) #3

Is the Weebly site going to direct to your Folksy shop? In this case, you are not charged anything. You can set up a site for free. There are paid options too to add features if you wish, without having a shop there.

Or are you setting up a shop on Weebly? In this case, you have to check the paying options. There are 3 packages.

(Leathermeister) #4

thanks @BelaFarCrafts and @DeborahJonesJewellery for your replies i was only going to use it to direct traffic through to folksy.

(Jo Sara) #5

There is a slight issue with domain names being transferred to Weebly, which I only found out after we’d set up my other half on Weebly last year. When I set up my website 4 years ago it was all free to move a domain name bought elsewhere to replace the that I got allocated. But now you can’t do that on the free version unless you buy the domain name from Weebly. They are charging $20 to renew the domain annually (I pay £7 for 2 years with my provider), and they don’t provide endings. But, if you buy offsite and move it, you have to be on the Starter package which has a monthly fee, so it’s going to cost either way if you want to change the address.


(Minerva) #6

Jo Sara…do you pay £7 for 2yrs because you want the at the end…or that’s the cost for any ending you wish to have?

(Jo Sara) #7

I actually prefer to have a website address that marks me out as being in the UK, so the is perfect for me. And the are cheaper than having a more global .com ending. If you search for the website address you’d like on a domain provider (I use ), and just plug the name of your shop no .com or ending into the www search box, you’ll get a list of prices for all the different endings you can have, and more importantly it’ll tell you if the web address you want it available still. I just tried a random name and the .com version of mine looks like it would be £21.98 to buy and renew every two years.

(Minerva) #8

Ok, thanks!

(Rosesworkshop) #9 has a free starter version if you don’t want a domain name. (Your site is similar to your shop on Folksy) Then you can upgrade to extras when you are ready.

(Leathermeister) #10

Thanks @rosesworkshop I’ll take a look at that one.