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(fluffymoonstar) #1066

(fluffymoonstar) #1067

It was easy to like it, it’s lovely :heart:
Thank you so much for your help, it worked!
I’ve only been on here a few days, I was reading someone else’s business plan and it took them a year to get their first sale on here! Let’s hope we speed things up a bit.
Thank you once again.
Fluffymoonstar x

(Elaine Briars) #1068

(Beadseedz) #1069

(fluffymoonstar) #1070

Ok liked the three above, very nice.
I made my first sale today :grinning:

(Suzzie Godfrey) #1071

Well done on your sale Vanessa, your cake toppers are brilliant, and it only took a few days.
Forgot to add, you have to wait for 3 other posts before you can post again…
Suzzie x


Loved 3 above

(fluffymoonstar) #1073

Hope I’ve got the rules now.
Happy crafting xx

(magsmaxwelljewellerydesign) #1074

Hello Ive just favourited the three shops above me - a pleasure and a delight to do so - much success to you all Mags

Ps Congratulations on your first sale Vanessa :):slightly_smiling_face:

(Suzzie Godfrey) #1075

(Suzzie Godfrey) #1076

Hello Vanessa, when you click on this topper it takes you to your shop on the other side, and not your folksy shop. Suzzie xx

(fluffymoonstar) #1077

Oh no!! What have I done now, I’m really not very good at this. Thank you for being my guardian angel, going now to like something else in your shop. At least I get that bit right! Clearly I need to be more vigilant with my copy/pastes, sorry. Xx

(Suzzie Godfrey) #1078

We were all new once and all made boo-boos. Best get it all sorted now before the silly season gets underway.
There are many wonderful guardian angels on this site, most helped me when I first started out xx

(Emma) #1079

Done the 3 above x

(debbselliman) #1080

Spooky hair accessory!

I have viewed and loved the three above!

(magsmaxwelljewellerydesign) #1081

Hello there :slight_smile:
I’ve just viewed the 4 above as wasn’t certain who the third was! Very best to all my fellow makers:slightly_smiling_face: Here’s this evenings offering from me…Ps Just seen Debbs Alice band on the Folksy pictures page so it seems to work Yey Hey!

(debbselliman) #1082

Folksy pictures page?
Where is this place …I must find it! lol :smiley:

(Bekki Stevenson) #1083

Here’s one of my favourite things to make. Now off to view above

(Suzzie Godfrey) #1084

(Diane Keeble) #1085