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Above loved and pinned to my Folksy Folk board, well done Suzzie on sale…

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All three above “loved” and “tweeted”.

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All three above viewed and liked

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One from me - an amethyst embroidery pendant. Loved and pinned 3 above.

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Hi Rachel you link does not take you to the item in your shop I had to go to your shop and search for the item so hope I got the right one.

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A little purse for the start of the week will love the 3 above.

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The alpaca yarn in this shawl is soooo soft

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Just listed so would love to get it out there.

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This is really beautiful!

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Thank you! I’ve just visited your shop - I love your sketchbooks!

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Thank you so much. I still have the link to your shawl open as I intend to have a lovely browse of your goodies in a bit. x


Have pinned 3 above, have loved you before!!

My friend has just had her 8th grandchild, a little girl and she is having one of these from me

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