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Hi - the three posts above are all sitting open in my browser and I’ll go and give them a love in a second too. Here’s one of my new bespoke wooden signs (freestanding or wall mounted):

Thank you :slight_smile:

(Sarah Thexton) #1288

Jackie I’ve just spotted you’re in Norfolk too! Your fox painting is beautiful :slight_smile:

(Jackie Marsh) #1289

Hi Sarah,

Thanks so much. I have just looked at your lovely shop and your great write up.

We lived near Guildford before moving to Norfolk about 12 years ago. The best

decision we have ever made, we love it here! Hope you are selling well on Folksy,

I am certainly tempted…

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(Emma) #1291

Viewing the 3 above xx

(Emma) #1292

Love this! I have a very sarcastic cat xx

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viewing and loving the three above

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Happy Sunday peeps

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Viewed 3 above x


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Viewed and loved the 3 above
This is mine

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(Sarah Thexton) #1302

@SouthfieldBarnArt Well, how strange is that: I’m from Surrey originally too (Addlestone) - we moved here in the 90’s. Yes, love it here too: a bit of undiscovered gem I think (people flock to Cornwall but they don’t know what they’re missing on this side of the country!) :wink:

(Sarah Thexton) #1303

@TheCornishCoasterCompany - yes, mine has a very ironic eyebrow at times…!!

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Viewed and loved the 3 above

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