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Raising money for Australia

Hi everyone,

Today I’ve decided I defiantly need to help with the devistating bush fires in Australia. I’ve adventised on my page that I will now donate the postage rate from every sale to the cause.

Is anyone else helping out?

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Yes, I’m selling some embroidery Koala from my Instagram account, purely to reduce as many fees as possible.


Planning to do a painting to then try to sell with all proceeds going to Australia. First need to do the painting, that’s the plan for this weekend, and then need to sell it, so a long way off helping just yet :blush:


Well I sold my Australia suncatcher undoubtedly as a direct result of it being Folksy Friday’d so I just sent the profit to WWF Australia appeal…


Started a painting that I hope to sell to raise some money for Australia. Not sure whether to ad a couple of kangaroos in each corner, was also thinking of adding some aboriginal style detail but not sure.
Happy with the first session though :grin: