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Recovering additional costs

What is the best way to charge for additional costs after an item has been paid for? For example a customer ordered and paid for a certain ring, but wanted it in a larger size and a wider width. The extra silver cost a few pounds more, which she agreed to, so I have set up the additional payment as a ‘special order’ in my shop. Seems a clumsy way to do it. Is there a simpler way? I also said she can send a cheque if she prefers. What would you do?

I haven’t found a simpler way of doing it unless you want to have multiple listings for eg one for ring sizes I-P and one for Q-W set at different prices. I have accepted cheques when some one asked if they could pay that way, I just waited for the cheque to clear before sending out the order (having let her know that is what I would do).

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Thank you Sasha

I have on occaision , when people have wanted some thing urgent, sent them a Paypal invoice for the extra.

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I would send a paypal invoice for the extra too.

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