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Refine search in Brooches Section

I have just started selling my brooches and as they are mainly made of Crystal, listed them under “glass” in the Brooches Section of the jewellery category. When I go looking for them as a “potential” customer, I find there is no category for glass in the refined search. This means that any customer has to look through all brooches to find mine and others who have listed it under this category. Can I change the category of my listings without incurring additional fees to something which may come up in the refined search as the "glass"category is too hidden!

I believe you can edit an item as much as you like. its only when you re list it (i.e. extend the expiry date) that you pay an additional listing fee.

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As Roz has said it is only when you list/ relist that you incur the fees. Something to think about - which are people more likely to do browse for a brooch via the categories or by putting brooch in the search box? I would always start with the search box if I was looking for something and tags help with being higher up in the search rankings. I mention this because the first of your listings I looked at had no tags so when you are editing the category they are in you might want to double check that they all have tags.

Thank you. Must have missed the tags on that one so thank you for pointing it out. I suppose we all search differently, it just seemed very odd for Folksy to supply a category and then not include it in the refined search. Will take another look at it. Thanks again.