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Registering for Handmade at Amazon: tax details

OK, I have got the registration email from Amazon! But it says that they need tax details and then talks about US numbers. Does anyone know what numbers I will need? Are we talking URN? Or something else? I really don’t want to get halfway through the process and then have to stop because I’m not sure what they mean! Thanks for any help.


I would contact Amazon and get them to clarify what they are after

I have a feeling they are treating you as a US seller ie based in the USA.

Don’t panic - the questions are not tricky you just have to declare who you are & where you live & sign a form to say you’re responsible for taxes in your own country. You don’t need your URT etc - honestly, there’s no tricky questions for that bit x

I was a bit confused when I went to register mine. It said “create an account” or use existing account or similar words. When I ticked Create and then put my email address in, it came up saying that I’d already got an account with at email address. I have an account for buying on Amazon but not for selling?

Thanks everyone: I’m trying to avoid contacting H@A because I would feel a bit stupid! I’m not looking forward to the process - I may have to reward myself with a suitable beverage if I manage to complete registration. :smile:


@PaulinesCrafts I had exactly the same happen but when I used my usual password it took me through to the registration page without any issues.

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Thank you @jcu I’ll try again later.