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Remember Me - BBC1 Sunday 9 pm

(Marg) #1

Has anyone watched this thrilling drama. It stars Michael Palin and is a very Ghostly story. There have already been 2 of the three episodes, can’t wait for the final one. Creepy or what? Marg. x

(Suzanne Francis) #2

Yes I’ve been watching it too, and yes it is actually pretty spooky :ghost: - unlike some films that claim to be

(Marg) #3

Who do you think the ghostly Indian Lady is? I think it’s got to be a nanny who loved him. Will find out next Sunday. Marg. x

(Donna) #4

I’ve been watching it from behind a cushion lol I think she must be the nanny, she is terrifying though. Do you think she killed his wife?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

yep I think she did

(Bizzy Liz) #6

It’s a brilliant drama. I’m not sure yet who the Indian lady is. I love horror/ghost stories/supernatural and have watched quite a few. This one does have the same sort of “jump out of your skin” moments as the “Grudge” movie, the Japanese original Ju-On - very creepy.

(Marg) #7

It’s the photo that’s puzzling me. That’s why I think the Indian lady is his nanny. Tom did say last week that she loves him. I do think she killed his wife. But where does the neighbour come into all this. She says she handles Tom’s money, but says she has never been in his house, very strange. And she also gave the police detective those 3 Birthday cards from the Queen, 100yrs, 105 and 110 yrs, I can’t work that one out. The loud jumpy bits have me scared out of my wits, I nearly hit my head on the ceiling last week I jumped so much. Marg. x

(Grimm Exhibition) #8

I think Palins character is 110years old.
I think the spooky indian lady is his mum.
For some reason I think theres a younger brother of Palins too but that could be something Ive clearly grasped out of thin air.
What is the things thats missing??
The 2nd episode wasnt as chilling as the first but its a great scary drama. I had to look away quite a bit as it was so scary. Quite old fashioned horror, which clearly works.

(Plumporridge) #9

Haven’t seen it but it sounds fantastic! We have been enjoying “Missing”, although I don’t think enjoying is actually the right word.

(Midnight Star Designs) #10

I absolutely love it and it scares the pants off me and I’m not that easy scared, I love anything supernatural, the first night I watched it with the OH and he fell asleep (as usual lol) and I nearly shook him awake I was terrified, it was the bit when Hannah the care worker was dreaming about the Indian lady, ooooh I can still see it lol.

I usually am good at guessing plots but I’m baffled, I come out with some weird theories and then change my mind again, my latest was that Tom could be dead or certainly incapable of dying?

By the way did anyone see the episode of Gogglebox where they watched this? Hilarious!

(Bizzy Liz) #11

The missing is compelling. Still another 2 episodes to go, I don’t know how it’s going to end, so many twists and turns!

(Bizzy Liz) #12

My OH usually falls asleep, but even he’s watched all of it so far! Yes, I saw Gogglebox, really funny. Who knew that a programme watching other people watching TV would be so entertaining! I particularly like the old guy and his long-suffering wife!

(Midnight Star Designs) #13

@BizzyLiz I swear Leon is my OH in 30 years time lol :wink:

I love The Missing too and The Fall, I’m from NI and its lovely to see some homegrown talent getting some good exposure for a change !

(Donna) #14

I have considered that he might be immortal too, if not he looks good for someone who’s at least 110 :slight_smile:

(Bizzy Liz) #15

@MidnightStarDesigns I’m sitting here thinking “Who’s Leon?” Had to google it. Terrible memory for names!Oh yes, The Fall, that’s the other one I’m addicted to! All of these dramas are very dark, but the acting is incredible.

(Liz Dyson) #16

I watched the first episode of Remember Me and thought it very dull. Does it get better? Shall I watch the second episode on catch up?


(Midnight Star Designs) #17

Definitely worth a look @lizdyson Liz, maybe if you didn’t find it scary you might be able to figure out the ending before the rest of us get out from behind the sofa lol :wink:

(Marg) #18

A brilliant ending to this scarry drama. I was in tears at the end (but then I cry at Tom and Jerry). Tom and Aisha finally together. She’d been waiting a very long time for him to come to her. Excellently written. Marg. x

(Stephanie Guy) #19

I watched a little of the first episode but it was far too scary for me!

(Liz Dyson) #20

Well, on all your advice and positive thoughts, I just watched the second episode. It’s obviously far too clever for me because I just don’t get it - still feel it’s a dull story and when does it get scary? Might as well watch the final episode though - perhaps it will all fall into place then?