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Removing an option from a variation?

I would love it if someone could explain how I can delete on of the three options on the single variation set against my listing.
If I press delete it deletes the variation.
If I clear the option text it won’t light up the Save changes button so I can’t save the change.
Stuck …unless I have to remove the variation and reenter all the options again if I want to remove just one of them. ??
PS On my laptop, not using the app.

PS I now do only have two options on my variation but to do that I created a new variation and copy / pasted the details but only the two options I now want to the new variation and then deleted the original variation with the three. ! Surely there must be a better way ?

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You can only delete the bottom line of the options. So in your photo can you see that ‘3. Amber centre, yellow rays’ has a little X at the end of the row (far right hand side)? Clicking on that would allow you to reduce the number of options from 3 to 2, you would then need to amend the text in the boxes so that you have the right remaining colour options.

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Thanks Sasha will have a go. I did think I did try that by copy pasting the 3rd over the 1st then clearing the 3rd but maybe did that wrong.

Ah ha :grin: now I see it. There is a little Cross X beside the 3rd option …so I have to hit the X to delete. I didn’t see that and just cleared the text .

Signed :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:
Thanks Sasha

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could you also just type in SOLD next to the item you want to delete…rather than delete it? never done it so not sure

Jo good idea bit not sure it would stop an overenthusiastic buyer. Reason I removed the option was I sold it in my other shop… clearly states only have one of each. Sold two … so guess what I made last night. :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Congratulations on your sales. I find the variations tricky to navigate at times too!

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