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Returning to Folksy and using my craft skills to raise money for rescue bunnies

(The Bunnymaker) #1

Hi everyone. I used to have quite an active shop on here years ago - perhaps 6 years or so! I then got tangled up with my bunny boarding business and rescue sancturay and didn’t have time for making things anymore.
Recently I got itchy fingers to make things again and have decided that I can combine the two - making things to raise money for the bunnies I rescue, who need to be neutered, vaccinated and cared for until new homes are found.

Please do take a look at my little shop - there are only a few things in at the moment but it will fill up gradually. Most are bunny related!

I have to say that the Folksy forums have change hugely since I was last here so I may not be posting this in the right place! apologies …

Thank you! xxx

(Louise Foot) #2

I’m a massive bunny lover & wish you every success with your shop. I hope you make lots to support your rescue rabbits

(Sarah Lambert) #3

Ha ha, I think I can remember you :smile: being an old crumbly , welcome back !

(The Bunnymaker) #4

I did wonder if any of the old faces were still here! I got to know loads of people and it was a lovely community “back in the day” LOL

(Helen Smith) #5

waves Welcome back! I definitely remember you… I’m still here from the old days and still making ffflowers although I mostly make other stuff these days. Good luck with the revived shop!

(Elaine) #6

How lovely, I remember your bunnies very well. Welcome back! Elaine

(Tina Martin) #7

Welcome back, really love your felt bunnies, they’re fab! Good luck hope your shop goes well! :slight_smile:

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #8

Hello fellow bunny person! Hope you make lots of money for your bunny rescue :slight_smile:

(Bee Skelton) #9

Hello bunny lady! :slight_smile: Good to see you came back. I’m a new girl compared to yourself so don’t know you from before. But I like what you are doing :sunny: I always try to support people who help and rescue animals, so shall be watching your shop with interest. Wishing you great success.

(Helen Healey) #10

Welcome back and good luck with the venture.

(The Bunnymaker) #11

Goodness! Hello … :smile: Great to see so many old faces still chugging along

(Alison Mackenzie) #12

Hello fellow bunny lover. Good luck with your shop. Your needle felted bunnies are gorgeous.
Hope you make lots of money for your rescue buns.
Alison x

(Susan Bonnar) #13

Welcome back! 2 out of 3 of my children still sleep with their sock bunnies. The other is 15 now so I guess it’s ok that he is on a shelf! Hope you make lots of money!

Dottie x

(Annmarie Ison) #14

Best of luck with your shop, hope you have every success.:grinning: