Rogue shops attn Admin

Reported them

Did anyone look at the “materials”?
‘Whiteface woodland sheep wool’ and ‘aluminium bottle tops’ - is this some sort of underworld code?!!

Just spotted the bottle tops.

Just spotted another store as well just arrived on site

[Louis Vuitton bag ](https://Louis Vuitton bag )

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Reported several yesterday. Disappointed that Folksy do nothing about it, a simple vetting before going live would stop all this as rogue shops would not bother to continue with the process, still falls on deaf ears.


I’ve reported this one too.

Galaxy Food Flavours? Mass produced on another website. Come on, Folksy, get them gone.

There’s also someone selling a cork backpack for £1 that is identical to a seller on Etsy selling the same bag for £137.

The ones I reported are still there. Should be sorted first thing this morning.

I reported the bags and several other shops…and the swan necklace which comes from China…loads of identical ones online…sigh
I also report the printed card last week…cost £10 plus £10 shipping in the UK?..instant warning signs

They might be classed as supplies which are allowed to be sold (even commercially produced ones)

I have reported as a licensed item, mass produced as the other items listed.

There’s someone flogging mass produced Chinese import cosmetics on here. I’ve found every single item on either Ali Express or a site selling imported stuff.

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Have you reported the shop to Folksy?

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Does a bear **** in the woods?

(I tried to type yes but the message was too short) :rofl:

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Now I am thinking what the dotted word is :joy: naughty step here I come.

Sometimes find it difficult to decide what is that and what is handmade. Agree this one was cheap tat.

Some things are easier to spot than others. I’m not sure why Folksy doesn’t insist on seeing a copy of a cosmetic seller’s CPSR which is a legal requirement to sell.

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