Rogue shops attn Admin

What’s the score with selling jewellery display items under supplies? I thought even the supplies had to be handmade on here? One of these new shops is selling display items that are clearly from a wholesalers.

When you press the button to report the items , you do get a box come up where you can type in the reason that you are reporting it ,so you could state there that it is the whole shop but having said that we should not have be reporting these shops ourselves in the first place
Also replying to Caroline 's post - wholeheartedly agree with you that shops should be vetted before opening but please don’t stop reporting them because if we all stopped doing it then the place would be flooded with inappropriate shops!

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@VioletFlameGlassArt there is a section under supplies for commercial craft supplies

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Is it possible to have an auto response to say if an item has already been reported? It seems a waste of makers’ time to do it if it has already been reported by someone else.


If you’ve already reported the person selling leather jackets made in Pakistan and he’s still selling on here, I’m not sure what the process of deleting shops is.

I think action has been taken.

Yes, action has been taken and the shop has been removed.

Just so you’re aware, I don’t think anyone gets notified if you tag Folksyadmin. That account hasn’t logged in since 2016, and was likely used by a staff member that left years ago.
All of the current Folksy team have their own individual forum accounts, there isn’t a single account to notify us all.


Is there a list somewhere that I’ve missed that gives you tags for who to contact for what issue? I for one am not sure who deals with what on Folksy.:blush:

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I agree - I think vetting is the best idea. Anyone genuine is not going to mind a short wait before opening their shop, surely? I realise it will be extra work for admin, but maybe not as much as chasing down all the reported shops after the fact!!


@Bimblebird There isn’t a specific person for certain jobs - if its a shop that needs investigating use the report item button on a listing, for everything else drop them an email via and it will get passed on to the right person. If they are made aware of an issue via email it will get an official support ticket which doesn’t happen if they are ‘notified’ via the forum.


Thank you Sasha. That’s simple and straight forward enough.:blush:

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Hi Joy I know this is old news however I noticed Brenda had lost the new sellers from the front page and you gave a link to access them , I have also lost the new sellers list, silly question maybe but how do I add the link you have given to my tablet so that I can always access if I want to or do I type the info into google ? X

This is the link Folksy - Newest Sellers on Folksy
I have it as a shortcut on my laptop. Think if you open it on your tablet it should let you create a shortcut on there. xx

Will try it on my phone and see if i can :slight_smile:

On my phone I opened the link and then clicked the little dots at the top right.,. Alongside the URl

Selected add to. Home screen and it did

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Thank you so much Joy, I will give that a go x

Perfect, thank you I have added it to my screen…easy when you know how x

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Has anyone seen in newest shops the seller of Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags?
They’re either the real thing which is why they’re priced at £299 to £399 or fake

Louis Vuitton bag


Hope you have reported the items. We don’t want them in either case!

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I’ve reported the items in question. Can’t understand the attraction of mass produced factory made things with the ’ perceived kudos’ of a designer label when you can buy something completely handmade, unusual, one of a kind, personal… I’ll stop there.


Ive repoeted them too, as well as some aliexpress specials from other new sellers. Its a bit groundhog day over the weekend, isn’t it?