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Romance on a Summer's evening

(lucernaumbra) #1

I have just joined Folksy and hope to sell wine my glass table lamps and lampshades. Early days yet!
I have been using them this summer in the garden for lighting our table in the garden, the hall by our front door as well as inside our tent whilst camping.The flickering light that shines through the thin opaque shades is so calm and relaxing as well as VERY romantic!
An elegant wine glass, gently flickering LED tea light and shimmering lampshade, decorated with crystal style embellishments…dreamy!
What do you sell that creates an air of romance on a summer’s evening?
I’d love to know?

(Tracy Stevenson) #2

What lovely items to make. I will definitely be having a look and I wish you all the best with your selling on Folksy. I have only just cane back to Folksy in the last week. Used to sell a year or so ago.
Tracy x

(lucernaumbra) #3

Thank you for your kind words. I love your bumble bee crystsl earrings.

(Tracy Stevenson) #4

Thank you…they seem to be everyone’s favourite :blush:. xx