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Saudi Customs bans Christmas!

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #1

I had an order from a lady who’s hubby works for an oil company out in Saudi Arabia. The order was for one of my Advent Calendar kits. In a note she warned me not to state it was a Christmas item or Saudi Customs Officers would dispose of it!

It has gone off today marked ‘Sewing Kit’ on the Customs label!!!..

Just wondered if anyone else had other interesting International Customs Regulations to impart, or indeed if anyone had any Cautionary Tales?..

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Interesting. Just as well she let you know! Would have been such a shame for it to be binned because it’s a Christmas item. Glad I don’t live in Saudi.

(Gracie22) #3

glad I don’t live there either, that’s terrible banning Christmas.

(Tanith Rouse) #4

Bah humbug!