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Search algorithm for plurals

(Roz) #1

I’m probably being a bit stupid but maybe someone can help.

I did a search today in an attempt to see how high up the listings my scarves appear. Interestingly in my initial search I searched for “felt scarves”. This picked up only 8 of my 25 scarves. Searching for “felt scarf” bought up all of them. Looking at the listings themselves I cannot see why there was this difference in the search results. The word “scarves” does not appear in any of my listings as far as I can see so a search algorithm based on titles and description should not have picked up any of them. They are all in the catagory “scarves” so if the algorithm included this they should all have been picked up. I would like to ensure they are picked up by both searches so if anyone can shed any light on this it would be appreciated.

(Liz Dyson) #2

Hi, Roz, I don’t have an answer to your question but if I were searching I wouldn’t use the plural, I would input felt scarf, so hopefully, others would do the same and all your lovely items would show up.

(Leslie Morton) #3

Roz, I think I can answer your question. It will pick up plurals only if it is adding a letter. You would need to use scarfs and then it would pick up either. Unfortunately, that isn’t the correct spelling so you would have to use both as key words. Hope this helps,

(Roz) #4

Yes thanks, I can see that - I just wondered why a search for scarves picks up 8 of my items and not the other 17 even though none of them have the word scarves in the listing.

(Rosesworkshop) #5

If the word “scarves” doesn’t appear in any listing then the difference must be the word “felt”. So all of them say “scarf”, but only 8 say “felt” and the rest are “wool” or “felted”, or “nuno” or something.