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(Sue) #563

A lovely ceramic brooch

My word is hat. We could all do with a hat in this weather!

(Suzzie Godfrey) #564

I love this green, and it is so beautifully knitted, from Natalie @MoreTeaVicarKnitwear

Next word is seedlings


These are very sweet

My word is

(Lynn Britton) #566

This is lovely

my word is garden

(MadeintheTemple) #567

Rather like this dibber for planting.

My word is WOOL

(Christine E.) #568

There’s so much beautiful wool it’s hard to choose, but I do like a colourful flecked yarn…

My word is pebbles.

(Sue) #569

I love this

My word is allotment

(Tina Martin) #570

I love this card by @BeetrootPress

My word is dragonfly

(Lynn Britton) #571

Love this copper dragonfly

my word is copper

(Minerva) #572

I picked a beautiful item from my Favourites…

Search for ‘Breakfast’

(Martin Shackleton) #573


My word is seedheads

(Christine E.) #574

Another great shop I haven’t seen before…

My word is parrot.

(Blackthorpe) #575

Lovely parrots on this cushion

(Blackthorpe) #576

Oops my word is rags

(Carrie ) #577

Here’s a pretty rag doll - named Primrose, by @downtoearthrecycling
Lots to choose from but she’s definitely a springtime girl!

My word is Farmer

(Lynn Britton) #578

This is fun

my word is willow

(Elizabeth Marsden) #579

I’ll have a go at joining in

(in case I’ve not got the whole thing) it’s from ‘FeltWithPassion’ It’s mole, of course from ‘Wind in the Willows’

My word is practical

(Brenda Cumming) #580

I found the work practical a difficult one…nothing containing that actual word but folksy showed me a lot of things that they thought were practical so I picked this apron…
My word is daffodils


Love this

My word is Lamb

(Lily Lily Handmade) #582

Found this little lamb which is really lovely

My word is dance.