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Share your Experiences in a Group Interview - While promoting your Business

(Janet Walker) #1

I am setting up 10 group interviews with your help. As a business owner making and selling your products, it can be daunting, a struggle & great. These 10 questions which will be posted over 10 weeks are to share your insignt and experinces with others. An maybe your responses can be the answer they were looking for.

Your responses will also have the following links your shop, your blog & twitter. I’m always thinking of ways to support you in your business too.

You don’t have to answer all 10 questions, but for this group interview to work I will need at least 10 business owners to complete all 10 questions. With all responses please be clear and detailed as you can. 1 or 2 word answers will not be included in the final group interviews

To take part simple click the link

The deadline to complete these questions is 29th March 2015.

Thank you in-advance for taking part

Blessing Janet
Founder & Editor of