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Share your High Fives!

(Little Ramstudio) #603

Delighted to see one of our linocut prints in the Jan/Feb issue of Landscape magazine :slight_smile:


Only a small milestone…but just made my 50th sale!

(Little Ramstudio) #605

Very pleased that one of Gary’s linocut prints was chosen to appear in the 2017 Open Exhibition at the Ferens Art Gallery. As it’s the first big event to start of the City of Culture there it’s doubly exciting! Can’t wait to visit and see it there :slight_smile:

(Little Ramstudio) #606

Update on Woodpecker print - above - had word back that it sold yesterday, the day of the royal visit to Ferens Art Gallery, Hull by Charles and Camilla. Wondering if the Woodpeckers are going to be flying off to Highgrove?!

(Suzzie Godfrey) #607

I had ‘the’ email, some bunny loves you, and there on the front page of the folksy newsletter is my children’s bunny clothes hanger!
So very happy thank you @folksycontent

(Camilla) #608

That’s great news Ellie! Have you got a photo of the magazine we can share?

(OwlOnTheRoof) #609

A humble achievement, but nice all the same, had this chosen in the Folksy favourites

(Silvana Briers) #610

After something like 5 years, I finally made it to 30 sales on Folksy! And it had to be one of the most popluar items I have in my animal range - the Sheep! Jennifer.


I am happy to share that I am celebrating my 100th sale today :slight_smile: .

(Martine Brumwell) #612

I’ve recently had a craft gallery in Scotland asking if they could sell my mice. I’m really chuffed.

(OwlOnTheRoof) #613

Woohoo! Had my first sale, and the buyer has commissioned another!

(helenwarburton) #614

Ive only had my shop 1 day already had a sale and lots of views cant wait to add more to my shop. Hopefully i can do the march challenge

(Ellie Hipkin) #615

I am sorry, for some reason I didn’t see your message. Yes I do have a photo, if you are still interested? The article is in March issue of Stitch Magazine. I am am also writing another article for Stitch Magazine on how to make the hand painted and embroidered vases, ( I have a few in my Folksy Shop). I think it will be in June or July issue.

Sew Somerset are also doing an article on ‘Child’s Play - Chasing Seagulls’ one of the photo embroideries I make. This is ment to be for June issue.

If you feel it’s too late for the first Stitch Magazine article, I can let you know about the next two?
I am sorry I missed your message.

(Camilla) #616

Hi Ellie. It’s not too late at all, don’t worry. I’ll email you.

(Ellie Hipkin) #617

Ok thanks :blush:

(Joy Salt) #618

High Fiving today.
Was going to wait until I got to the 2000 sales figure but hey, 1900, make that 1901 as had another sale this morning. is a pretty great figure.
Finding myself 3rd Best Seller was also pretty amazing for the first week in March.

Hooray for Mothers Day I say :slight_smile:

(Sally Eira) #619

I’m feeling very excited as i am in the new SS17 issue of the amazing ‘Caboodle’ magazine with two tutorials @folksycontent

(Jill) #620

First sale! I have a necklace to post to America tomorrow!

(Joy Salt) #621

My High Five today - I made it to Best Seller No. 1 after a rather busy week culminating in a super busy weekend.
Happy Dance :dancers:

(Angela Harpham) #622