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Share your High Fives!

(Kim Blythe) #784

Yeah, I have just reached 300 sales!! I had hoped to get there by Christmas but it seemed stuck on 299 for ages, teasing me, until today when a lovely customer placed a custom order.
At least I got there before the new year!:star_struck:

(Martine Brumwell) #785

I did it! Last year I sold 500 items and I set myself the challenge to sell another 500 this year. I’ve just sold my 500th item which now makes my sales 1500 in total. On the 10th Jan last year, I started the Mulberry Green range and it has gone really well.
Feeling chuffed :blush:

(Silvana Briers) #786

Yehhhhhh…Got my first sale on Folksy since last April!!! Happy sloth day!

(Pippa Mac) #787

Yay, my first sale of 2019! Three planner bands are off to Australia in the morning … how cool is that?

(Plumporridge) #788

I’ve had a little flurry of sales this weekend and it’s taken me over the 500 mark! I know I’ve been here forever, but I’m still very very pleased. xxx

(Tracey Christie) #789

I sold 2 of my large carpet bags to the Walt Disney Company in France, sadly the sale didn’t come from here, but I do have one of the same bags for sale right here right now

(Jennifer Leask) #790

Just made my first Folksy sale!! Absolutely delighted :grinning:

(Joy Salt) #791

Brilliant xxx

(Helen Healey) #792

Congratulations Amanda! Very much deserved. x

(PetraBradleyPrints) #793

I got into the best sellers list this week for only the second time ever. So pleased!

(PetraBradleyPrints) #794

Fabulous bag. Hope Disney gets you lots of recognition!

(Tracey Christie) #795

Thank you, sadly not heard from them yet, but there is still time, it was only in November

(Teresa Bettelley) #796

I have a tutorial for a valentines themed embroidery wall decoration in this months Take a Break magazine!

(Tina Martin) #797

So happy to have reached 700 sales this weekend, happy days :slight_smile: :tada:

(Clareknitwear) #798

High Five! I have just reached my 50th sale on Folksy. I am so excited, especially as my knitwear is mostly larger and more expensive items. I never expected it and I can’t praise Folksy enough. Thank you.

(leavalleyart) #799

Hi, I’ve just had my first sale and I am very happy. :slight_smile: Here’s the card I sold

(Outofthebottlecreations) #800

Woohoo! Made my first sale this week. To say I am happy is an understatement. I was beginning to get a little downhearted as I had nothing but views for 6 weeks but now I’m ready to go on. Here’s the keyring I sold and posted to the lucky new owner.

(TheUbiquitousStitch) #801

We made a sale last week. Our first of the year :grinning:. So excited to share this news. And a big thanks to Folksy for featuring us in the Mother’s Day collection.

(Wubsys) #802

I’ve just made my first sale of a creepy rabbit and little scrap fabric butterfly, absolutely over the moon :grin:
PS this is my first post on here so hope I’ve done it right!

(subbayyallwebsolute) #803

ok that’s a good idea