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Congratulations on the magazine achievement.
To make Folksy work you have to do a lot of promoting on social media to get your Folksy shop seen and drive customers to it. I looked on your Facebook page and could not see any mention of it, only your ‘other’ shop.
If you don’t tell people you are here, they won’t come…
I spend a lot tof time promoting mine on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.


Thank you Kim x

Hi I am new to this site just wondering how everyone else is doing is it a good set to sell on

Just earned my third sale on Friday! I still have yet to get feedback from any of my sales, so planning on sending this latest customer an email to check in after a week and invite her to share her feedback… Has anyone ever tried to offer a discount in exchange for feedback? I know feedback raises one’s credibility tremendously, so I’m keen to get my customers feeding back, and thinking of dangling an incentive.

I don’t contact customers asking for feedback. I get pestered myself from lots of places to leave reviews etc. and it drives me potty and I never respond. If I’m happy with something and I want to leave feedback I will. I certainly wouldn’t offer a discount in return for feedback. If a customer of mine leaves feedback I want it to be because they genuinely love the item not just to get a discount.
Also, remember that currently only customers that are registered with Folksy are able to leave feedback.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts - I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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My second sale here on Folksy, but what makes it special to me is that it sold within 30 minutes or so of listing! Never had that in the ‘other place’


I sold this lovely lovely ring today!!! I’m doing backflips!! My fourth sale!


Just received my first sale on Folksy, for which I am truly grateful.


Celebrating my 10th sale on Folksy, couldn’t be happier. Woke up to two sales this morning, best start to a Monday ever


This morning I passed ‘800’ sales, yay! :tada::tada::tada::tada:


Hi, I’m having a good week, today I recieved my catalogue from the Twitter Art Exhibition held in Edinburgh this year showing my little bumble bee which was chosen as a Curator’s Choice. :blush:
I was also told that it sold minutes after the opening of the exhibition, I’m a very happy bunny.


I’m so excited ! I just got my 50th sale. This giraffe design greetings card.

And I’m even more happy that it was bought by a returning customer who ordered a different design card last week!


Yeah! I have just gone past 2000 sales - would never have thought it possible, when I made my very first doll 9 years ago. Thank you so much Folksy for helping me to start my little business- I love it!


Well done Helen, lovely work :slight_smile:

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Amazing Martine, congratulations :tada:

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Thanks Tina x

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opened a shop, after some AMAZING ‘chat’ via email with Folksy staff, listed a few things (brand new catagory, not exactly in the right place yet lol) , was skeptical…just got 2 sales and a LOT of lovely comments over at Folksy ClubHouse of facebook, thankyou Folksy


Congratulations :tada:

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I have been on Folksy 9 years 8 months - I got my 50th sale today - hallelujah!!!