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Shelf space for rent in small Yorkshire cafe

Hi all, my wife and I are taking over a small cafe in Ingleton at the beginning of April. The business was previously run as a cafe/caving shop but as we don’t have any expertise in caving we are closing the caving side of the business and running it solely as a cafe with some small outdoorsy items for sale. However this does mean we will have 4-5 large glass display cabinets advertising nothing but fresh air. As this isn’t the best way to decorate a space we thought we would offer the space up for rent either as a fixed weekly/monthly fee where you would pay a fixed rent for the space or on a profit share basis where we would take an agreed commission from each sale. Please contact me if this idea interests anyone. Alternatively if you have further ideas for this space that could be mutually beneficial please share them. We are new to the business world and appreciate any ideas or help offered.

Hi Peter, I would be interested in knowing more :slight_smile:

This isn’t the best picture but I think it gives a general idea of the set up. You can see the display cabinet in the far corner. There are another 3 - 4 very similar ones available around the cafe.

The cafe will be tidied up/wood stained when we move in. This is not the finished article but the only thing I have right now

Is that an inflatable sheep? :grinning:

I’d be interested. Are you considering stocking jewellery?

Hi - if it is on SOR commission basis I might be interested
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Hi Peter
I am familiar with Ingleton having holidayed there 5 yrs ago and know it has attractions for visitors. I would be interested in discussing further your offer, I make things in wood and would be open to a sale or return deal depending on % can see my work in.
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Yes it is, I have no explanation or excuse for it, however I don’t have the heart to make it homeless when we move in. Jewellery would be a great addition.

Hello Peter. I would be interested in taking up some space I have messaged you.

Hi Peter, I’m not sure if you are still looking for small businesses but if you are I would be very interested :smiley: