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Shop categories - can you select which item is pictured?

(Natalie Morris) #1

So silly, but this is really bugging me… I have 5 categories/shop sections, and some items fit into more then one category so are featured in more than 1 section. On my shop page there is a picture depicting each category (not selected by me) and I would like all the pics to be different, but the same pic is featured twice for 2 different categories. Is it possible to manually change this?

(Natalie Morris) #2

By the way - I forgot to mention… I’ve just made a whole bunch of very funny items for inexpensive stocking stuffers and have spent the whole week giggling at some of the designs - if you want some cheering up, do have a browse through my shop!

(Alison Mackenzie) #3

I think the photo that is shown depends on where the item is in your shopkeeping list. If you go to your dashboard and select shopkeeping, then you can re-order the items by either clicking ‘move to the top’ or by manually dragging and dropping.The item highest up the list in any one category will be the one whose picture is shown.
Hope that helps (and makes sense).
Alison x