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hi everyone
i have just recently re-opened my shop after months of mine and families bad health(even my poor kitty nearly died).but i am feeling fresh and new again & ready to meet this new year head on…
so here’s a little taster of what is new in my shop…

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Welcome back, and good luck in your revamped shop.

Thank you …

I’ve still made no Sales on Folksy. What I sell is quite niche but a lot of fun!

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I have had no sales yet and have been open since February 2019 (last year). I sell most of my handknitted items on Facebook and Etsy. I have taken part in the forum threads promoting myself and others, which resulted in a few followers on my social media. I have also been added to some of the Gift Guides which is nice, but no sales. I shall be closing my account here on Folksy when my listings expire.

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It’s such a shame you feel you can’t keep going on Folksy (although I understand not being able to pay for several shops) Good luck for the future, Cheers Lou

Thanks Lou. I see no point in my other sites elsewhere (Etsy and Facebook) which I am selling from, subsidising a dead duck. I have spent the last few months knitting outfits for my customers, as you know from following me on Instagram, and have several orders to be completed for next winter, but absolutely nothing from Folksy.
Anyway, I wish you much luck on Folksy and hope you have lots of sales.

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Hello, I have had no sales on Folksy yet. I would love my shop and work to be promoted please.

Thank you so much Jobo


Hi I have no sales and am learning by the day… I need to add the sizes of my frames! Fancy forgetting to do that!


So easily done though, Jo, sometimes it’s the obvious things that we miss. Fortunately Folksy is a friendly and supportive place and if you have questions, there will always be someone to help. I’ve been here about 10 years now, still learning by the day :sweat_smile: Good luck with your shop, your work is very pretty. xxx

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Thank you! Have a good day.