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Show the amazing things you've made but not shown on-line

(Kelly) #41

Love it Theresa @Theresa1, you did a great job and I’m sure you’re friend & his Wife was over the moon. x

(Christina Green) #42

Very dramatic and original! :smiley:

(Christina Green) #43

What a good idea! We could all do with one of these! :wink:

(Anne Hathaway) #44

This is a collar of rough-cut labradorite with sterling silver divider beads and clasp that was commissioned by a friend’s husband for her Valentine’s Day present (lucky her!), after she’d seen and admired a lapis lazuli collar I made for myself. <img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/9/9a7e857f26df4d3ecd9aecff2b6b750890eb39b5.JPG" width=“459” height="400 a lapis lazuli collar I made for myself.

(Claire Mead) #45

I was asked to make 2 oilcloth box style make up bags with 2 matching tissue holders, to a specific size. the customer was very pleased with them.

(Claire Mead) #46

oh and I made this lovely small cushion for myself. :blush:

(Christina Green) #47

Wow! That is gorgeous!! :smiley:

(Christina Green) #48

Sweet :smile:

(Brenda Cumming) #49

I have been making origami items from pc paper. I donate them to local charities. (They are not for sale).

(Claire Mead) #50

wow, those are fantastic.

(CopperTobi) #51

Valentine’s card I made last Feb for my partner - he loved it :slight_smile:

(Theresa Hing) #52

Lovely collar. The stones look very special

(Nobias Art) #53

Love love that bowl. Can’t even imagine how a pretty bowl like this getting made?:slight_smile:

(Nobias Art) #54

My wire wrapped tree of life pendant with a twist, I made for a lovely customer but should make another one I think. Loved it!


(So Sew Megan) #55

It’s a sort of fabric collage and free machining onto a dissolvable fabric, great fun to do. Thinking of doing mini versions instead of ring pillows for weddings.

(Nobias Art) #56

off I go to your shop to have a look trough:)

(Pauline Hayward) #57

I’ve just finished this today, hope you like it.

(bluelilymagnolia) #58

This matching set of corsage and boutonniere was done last minute for the wedding of a dear friend on Saturday. I’m in-between minds as to whether to list them as made to order or not!

(Kam) #59

This design was commissioned by lady who sadly miscarried at 12 weeks :cry:

(Kim Blythe) #60

I made this for my son and his fiancée to protect their bright pink Kitchen Aid Mixer. I have thought about selling them in my shop but thought there be a issue with Trademark