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(Deborah Jones) #81

Thanks Theresa, it was - the gold alone cost over £1400 it was a bit nerve wracking cutting into the metal to be honest- although I had made a silver prototype first :slight_smile: so knew it should work , if I didn’t melt it all.

(Christina Green) #82

Gorgeous!!! Reminds me of some Roman jewellery I saw earlier in the year - I really admired the craftsmanship in that too!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #83

A wee bit of ‘Blackwork’ one traditional the other in variegated thread for an exchange on a craft forum

Some something for myself

Something I made as a ‘How To’ Tutorial on a craft forum

(Rosesworkshop) #84

One of a range of hats I made as a custom order especially for Wool Week.

(Sally Eira) #85

it’s not amazing but it’s a bit different to my other cards - i made this shrink plastic morrissey card for my brother’s friend.

(Grimm Exhibition) #86

@twinkleandgloomart would love the Morrissey card.

(Grimm Exhibition) #87

Here are some more Christmas decorations Ive made, il be sending them to ta big Christmas Ornaments fair. Apologies for the awful photos, some are complete, others mid make.

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #88

It is amazing! Love<3

(Sally Eira) #89

thanks so much : - )

(Grimm Exhibition) #90

Ive just heat embossed some mdf shapes, I havnt rubber stamped for ages but glad im getting back into it.

(Christina Green) #91

My making time has been short to non-existent recently, a slew of autumnal lurgies and an avalanche of homework has landed on the kids, so everything has had to go on hold. But last night I actually found time to make this sweet little bracelet and it’s not for sale, I’m keeping it! Yay! :smiley:

(Helen Healey) #92

This was a cushion commissioned by a work colleague as a moving-in present for a friend.

(Grimm Exhibition) #93

I like to make glass box Xmas decorations which have evolved into this doll like decoration. I soldered a glass box with a moon charm inside, then worked out I can make beaded arms and legs. The head is a glittered bead with a picture of a vintage ladies face glued on. I added a skirt and a crown because every gal needs to be well dressed. I have a couple of other ideas for these decorative dolls in the pipeline. I like to call them Spirits, I hope to make some Christmas spirits I the next few weeks.

(Andie) #94

I do these box frames which I sell at craft fairs, but I’m yet to list any on Folksy as I’m a bit scared of posting them! What do you think?

(Christina Green) #95

Fab! Just love it!! :grinning:

(Christina Green) #96

Plenty of bubble wrap and a sturdy cardboard box ought to do it, wouldn’t you think? They certainly look good. Worth listing a couple and then posting with insurance just in case, and see how it goes?

(Andie) #97

Thanks @0122chrisg, I think as long as I put some stiff card over the glass before the bubble wrap and cardboard to stop anything punching through and breaking the glass I should be ok. Might take the plunge and list some x

(Christina Green) #98

Good luck! Hope you sell lots! :grinning:

(Kim Blythe) #99


(Helen Healey) #100

A cushion I was asked to make as an 18th Birthday present.