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(Suzzie Godfrey) #121

Mother and daughter clothes hangers for our new dresses!

(QuirkyCooperies) #122

A 3D textiles wall piece for my Mom for her Birthday, made with silk, lace, organza and silk carrier rods, on a chicken wire and hessian armature.

(Christina Green) #123

Before I started to make jewellery, I painted a collection of medieval art…

I’m trying to work out a simple way of scaling my photo, so I’ve included this link to my Facebook page until I get it sorted!

(Christina Green) #124

Hmm that didn’t work…

(Lynn Britton) #125

A tote bag for a friend

(Christina Green) #126

Ok, lets try again with an image taken with my phone…

My medieval-style Green Dragon who has an angel partner. I have a collection of ten panel paintings that I painted before I had children. I have never been sure whether enough people would like them to commit to have prints made to sell… It takes a long time to paint the originals.

(Julia K Walton) #127

Finally got around to finishing this quilt after starting it 10 - 15 years ago then stuffing it into a cupboard. My husband, dog and I curl up under it on the sofa on chilly nights!

(Samantha Stanley) #128

Hi there! There is a reason why I’ve been quiet with the listings just recently. I spent quite a lot of time making something really special for my Mum for her silver wedding anniversary. This is a truly special creation for her because it contains a portrait of her two horses and a stunning labradorite (to match her dog). It is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done and represents a real step forward for me in metalworking technique, so all in all a moment to treasure!

(Helen Healey) #129

I’ve recently made this cushion for my parents who celebrated their golden wedding anniversary last weekend.

(Kim Blythe) #130

I made this bag for a friend of mine who loves red and green

(Denise Payne) #131

Leather earrings :slight_smile:

(CopperTobi) #132

Geez, wasn’t here on Folksy for ages! Beautiful items! So many to scroll down to see :slight_smile: Some time ago I started new project and called it Copper Tobi - I’m learning to make wire wrapped jewellery, have made few pieces already and also started blog to write about my learning progress and to show my new pieces. If you want to see them, check: I’m thinking about placing few of these pieces in my folksy shop - need to choose which of them and how to price them.

(Lynn Britton) #133

My little display reindeer

(Oh Button Me) #134

I made this top the other day I’m very chuffed as usual when I make clothes there either too tight or to baggy but this is so comfy. :laughing::laughing:

(Oh Button Me) #135

Oh I LOVE you raindeer

(Lynn Britton) #136

Thank you Nicole @OhButtonMe, he certainly caused some interest.

(Maureen Brazier) #137

Commissioned order

(Maureen Brazier) #138

Different style completely but another commissioned Quilt for a neighbour

(Paula Rayson) #139

A rare make for myself. It was my form’s prom so a tend to make more of an effort. Had a dress made from some stunning ombré silk,I got in Dubai last year, by a very talented local designer. My necklace and earrings are kyanite, quartzite and cultured pearls with silver-plated copper wire. It was inspired by a design from the amazing Sammi Fletcher.


(Felinethropy) #140

I made my own button wedding bouquet after seeing the price of buying a bespoke one! Very heavy though so I couldn’t throw it!