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Show your fantastic fruity makes

(bluebellwoodturning) #41

made this trio of fruit today.A set of three fruits turned from a selection of beautifully figured English woods, comprising a yew pear (115mm tall), an apple wood apple (80mm tall) and an ash apple (73mm tall). All three fruits are finished with beeswax and buffed to a soft shine and have a realistic, hand-carved wooden stalk (with accompanying bit underneath!)
This set of fruit showcases three lovely English woods, and yes, that really is an ‘apple apple’! There is a lot of visual interest in a relatively small area in each of these fruits and each has a feature which connects it with the tree, such as a knot where the branch would have started. Overall, a chance to own a selection of three of nature’s most beautiful woods in one lovely package!

(Fizz Tapsell) #42

(Andie) #43

(Stephanie Short) #44

A very fruity colour on this new card

(Emma) #45

An apple for the teacher from me!

(Pawcrafts) #46

I’m bending the rules slightly as I don’t have fruit but… I do have a carrot! sorry if not allowed. :smiley_cat:

(WithGrace) #47

I have an apple filled teacher’s thank you card x

(Kate Adams) #48

(Emma) #49

Another Thank You coaster

(Perrine Barraud) #50

(Lisa Harrison) #51

(Fizz Tapsell) #52

(Patricia Smith) #53

Here’s a peachy ring!

(Tina Martin) #54

(Qteacup) #55

(Susan Young) #56


A juicy pineapple!!!

(Emma) #58

(Claire Mead) #59

I have this lovely card wallet with red strawberries

(Sally Eira) #60