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(Brenda Cumming) #1005

another matinee coat today

( Carol ) #1006

That’s really pretty Brenda @teabreaks

(PollysWares) #1007

Some knitted baby cardigans.

( Carol ) #1008

(PollysWares) #1009

A stripey cardigan

( Carol ) #1010

(Linda Austin) #1011

I don’t knit and can only crochet granny squares but my daughter is brilliant at crochet. Just though I would show you something that she made as I think it looks pretty special. I’m trying to get her to put some stuff on Folksy but she is not that confident.

(PollysWares) #1012

3 cardigans for girls

( Carol ) #1013

( Carol ) #1014

How about if she started a fb page, at first just with a view to showcasing her crochet, then when she starts getting lovely comments that boost confidence, maybe she’ll move onto selling

(Linda Austin) #1015

I managed to get her to make one and she made me admin :roll_eyes: So I can ‘advertise’ for her. She mostly seels to friends atm but I see her selling to other people soon.

( Carol ) #1016

(Beaniehats) #1017

(PollysWares) #1018

A couple of cardigans today

(Minerva) #1019

( Carol ) #1020

( Carol ) #1021

(PollysWares) #1022

Some Cardigans again today.

( Carol ) #1023

(Brenda Cumming) #1024

another baby coat from me today