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Show your projects that are not for sale

(Handigift) #102

Projects? Here’s a couple…

Finishing up these digital drawings to be printed on vinyl for a friend, it will cover the walls of his offices.

And just finished building my Heddle Loom, I want to learn how to weave (out of curiosity).

(Marg) #103

Here’s a little peggy doll, I don’t think it would be safe to sell, as it might be too tempting to play with it. I really enjoyed making it when I needed a rest from quilting. But I’m afraid my hand was too wobbly for the details on the face.

(Lois Bell) #104

I kind of DID sell this, but it was a while ago and it certainly wasn’t sold on Folksy lol. This is my “other hat”, as a designer and dressmaker.

Hand embroidered, bespoke wedding gown. The bride wanted something celtic and medieval in style, so we worked together to come to this shape. It had an internal corset to support the bodice, but she didn’t want it to show on the outside - it was to look smooth. We used parchment coloured crepe de chine, and teal embroidery silk for the celtic knotwork, to match the bridesmaid’s dress.

(Helen Healey) #105

Wow that’s incredible Lois! :heart_eyes:

(Lois Bell) #106

Thank you - the beautiful bride had really strong idea of what she wanted, so this was a true collaboration in every sense of the word. It was the first wedding dress I ever made. It took about 14 months from start to finish, as I cut the pattern from scratch and had to wait to the last fitting to lay the embroidery out (because I wanted it to flow properly without any hiccups, round the hips and cuffs). I allowed myself three days and it took seven, so that was the stressful bit…

(Carrie ) #107

How clever you are! I’m envious of that skill.


How beautiful, and very clever!


I made this for my best friend who had a most beautiful felt elephants and pom pom hanger from her visit to Sri Lanka !
She also loves purple/mauve, so the beads were a hit too!! She loves it and is going to frame!

(Kim Blythe) #110

(Kim Blythe) #111

A small handbag for my 5 year old granddaughter. It matches a larger one I made for her mum a couple of months ago.

(Lois Bell) #112

I’m not sure if she’s sleepy or a little sad, but I know my niece would want to cuddle her. Maybe you should sell these!

(Lois Bell) #113

Very cute! I can’t quite make out - is the elephant beads or embroidery?

(Kim Blythe) #114

She is meant to be a sleepy owl…a gift for a friend who has just had a baby.
I have often though of making soft toys for Folksy but I just haven’t got around to looking in to the CE testing side of it…

(Jackie Marsh) #115

I made this 3D sheeps head about 30 years ago when I was doing a textiles course.

I couldn’t bare to sell it so have kept it all this time!! Getting a bit tatty round the edges now.

(Lois Bell) #116

I love it, Jackie! Does it have a base of something to support the shape?

(Jackie Marsh) #117

Thanks Lois, Yes I covered stiff card with woven fabric to make a base ( I had a loom at the time) and stuffed the head with cotton wool.

(Lois Bell) #118

It’s a very interesting and different take on the faux taxidermy that we’ve had about over the last few years…new product idea for your shop perhaps? It’s fab!

(Jackie Marsh) #119

I shall have a think. The only trouble is it took a long time to make. I am glad you like it, thanks again. x


The elephant is in chain stitch with colonial knots for the balls and 60 was made out of beads

(Maureen Lacey) #121

here’s one I haven’t got listed on Folksy… my granddaughter on ‘her dragon’ illustration