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Show your projects that are not for sale


Not for sale on Folksy but a commissioned piece…does that count?

(Carrie ) #123

I used to make folding wooden screens until I moved onto a narrowboat and had to scale everything down a lot! Here’s one I made for my boat and kept on a shelf there for 10 years (the boat was called Blackbird) and now I live in a house, I have it to remind me of my very happy years afloat!

Maybe now I have plenty of space I should get back to making bigger screens again.

(Sue) #124

Carrie, that is so beautiful, I think you should go beck to making screens again, you don’t see many around, your work is stunning, I see no reason why they wouldn’t sell!

(Lois Bell) #125

I agree with Sue - it’s gorgeous! Maybe fire screens as well, seeing as the fashion is to have an open fire in homes again.

(Carrie ) #126

Thank you! I like making screens but they take quite a long time to make - designing, cutting out the wood, sanding, adding hinges to the panels, prepping the wood, painting inside and out (that’s usually 4 or 5 paintings). I don’t think people would pay for that time to make it viable. But maybe I should explore the idea more. Thanks!

(Carrie ) #127

Actually, the little blackbird screen above was made after I’d made this firescreen as a friend’s wedding present!

I so liked the theme of pear-tree and birds I wanted to have it on my boat :slight_smile:


this is fantastic

(Bekki Stevenson) #129

This is beautiful. It must have taken you ages. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

(Carrie ) #130

Thank you - what kind encouragement!

(Bekki Stevenson) #131

Here’s something I made a few years ago (before my health went down hill) for a friends wedding party. I’d never made a wedding cake or sugar flowers before so this was new to me. She wanted heart shaped cakes which were fun to ice with fondant! It’s two tiers separated on a stand. You can’t see very clearly in the photos but as bride was musical and groom was a medical scientist I piped musical notes, DNA and heart monitor squiggles in clusters coming out from behind the flowers here and there. Pink was her favourite colour, orange was his so it was a very personalised cake.

(Lynn Britton) #132

Ooh! Bekki that is stunning. What a talent you have. :grinning:

(Bekki Stevenson) #133

Thank you so much Lynn! That’s really kind of you to say :blush:

(Carrie ) #134

Stunning. They must have been SO happy with that cake!

(Bekki Stevenson) #135

Thank you! I hope they were happy with it. I’ve had lots of requests for wedding cakes since.

(Diane Kendal Lee) #136

I don’t actually have much jewellery myself, but I wanted to make an odd ecclectic asymetrical ring, this is the result, mind you I may well oxidise it black as it is supposed to represent the stars in the night sky! Hope you like it . x Diane

(Bekki Stevenson) #137

That’s such an interesting design. It would look great darker too, I’m digging the ‘night sky’ idea! I used to make jewellery too and always found it so satisfying to see the designs develop.

(Diane Kendal Lee) #138

love your Textiles - gorgeous!

(Marg) #139

Here is a finished cot quilt which is now going to Project Linus Charity this weekend. It’s made from lots of fabrics from my scraps stash and made from two and a half inch squares

(Carrie ) #140

Here’s a name plate I’m making for my great-niece’s bedroom. Pyrography and paint combo :slight_smile:

(Sue) #141

Wow, that’s beautiful Carrie :heart::heart::heart: