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Show your projects that are not for sale

(Carrie ) #142

Thanks Sue :blush:


When am not working in clay I am making other things, like this quilt which will go on my bed!

(JDParchmentCraftEmporium) #144

Still got some cards I have not listed yet…

(Paula Rayson) #145

My school had the pupils making poppies this last week for a display. As I did last year with our Manchester Bee display, I contributed a Wirework one, made from red and black wire, with black agates on the stamen. In the final display, it is at the top of the tree. One of the photographs shows my Gand and great-grandfathers from the two wars, I always keep them on my desk in the week running up to Remembrance Day.

(Sweet Pea) #146

I made this bag for my friend because she loves these colours:

(PoMall) #147

Learning to do a bead crochet and this one is my first attempt. Made it a bit big though, as I was not sure how long it will be with the large clasp. Maybe could be used as a bracelet for man due to the chunky clasp. My husband would not wear anything vaguely resembling a jewellery though …LOL… Maybe will find another victim :slight_smile:

(Kim Blythe) #148

One of this weekends makes are these festive oven gloves. My daughter asked me to make them for her to give to her MIL for Christmas…