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(Beaniehats) #41

(Roxanne Levy) #42

10% off.

My latest card. Grey Seal.

(Ed) #43

All of my prints are reduced to £8.50. Too many to put here but a couple of examples:

(Sarah Eves) #44

I’ve just added new items to my sale section.

(Qteacup) #45

(Ali Dufty) #46

All my hand-made Christmas cards and tags are now on sale .Using code CHRISTMASCARDPROMO17 at checkout will get you 20% off.
Here are a few examples…

There are 43 lovingly created items in the ‘Christmas cards and tags’ section of my shop…

I hope you have time to take a peek . :slight_smile::blush:

(Sarah Eves) #47

A cushion at half price!

(Helen Healey) #48

I’ve reduced the price of these Christmas gift bags from £6.50 to £5.00

(Christine E.) #49

I’ve been really disappointed that there’s been no interest in my lovely little bags, so they’re now down to £4.99.
If they don’t sell, they’ll be off to the charity shop!..

And more bags here…

(Patricia Smith) #50

(Minerva) #51

This makes a lovely stocking filler for men!

(Christine E.) #52

I’ve just reduced the prices of all my magnet sets- quite sad about it, because I put a lot of work and imagination into them…

(Ed) #53

Next years UK wildlife calendar price drop to just £7.50

(Kim Blythe) #54

Just added to my Sale section

(Linda Wild) #55

This green silk clutch has been reduced from £23 to just £15

(Minerva) #56

Something little for a girl and her favorite doll!


Two cards which are the same colour card!!

(Natalie Ofkants) #58

Here are my latest two sale items.

Natalie x

(Phoenixprojects) #59

I have these two paintings in the sale section of my shop…

(Sarah Eves) #60

An owl in the sale.