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Show your 'Work In Progress' - WIP

the jacket is finished and now for sale in my folksy shop

Here is mine
Using my own photographic references and recent good daylight
Mullion Island, Cornwall, gouache on Hot Pressed watercolour paper
about 20% done (blocked in) and I will have a mount and backing ready when finished
I also post on Facebook


, more detail and shadows added. This is is 100% gouache,

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, adding more detail and blending sharp edges with a wet brush. Adding subtle blue highlights to the seaward side of the rocks and headland,


Popping these two new saddle bags into my shop later on

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Handprinted wooden tree decorations.


I glanced at this before reading and thought there were two giraffes in the picture!

love the hair

@westcountry…thank you so much

,and here it is, ref0188, ‘Mullion Cliff toward Mullion Island’, gouache on HP 300g smooth paper. Ultramarine blue and cobalt turquoise mainly used for the sea


This is my work in progress today. A custom order for one of my 3D shoe cards which will be presented in an exploding box. These cards take so long due to having to wait for the glue to dry at each stage.

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This Sterling silver ammonite pendant is this weeks work in progress. Much more filing, sanding and polishing to do yet…

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I’ve been working on a great spotted woodpecker to add to my British bird card collection…


I have never been keen on dolls, usually because of their faces, I like these.
Marion x

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Thank you so much, i have a local bear customer that has never liked dolls but has bought 3 of these large dolls in the past few weeks…for herself…well, with Christmas money given in advance as well, I think she has moved over from my bears to my dolls :slight_smile:

Current work in progress, trying to perfect these beads :joy:


Hello Debby @bearlescent,

I finally finished the stencils for the new card. A very simple design, but it took many sketches and I made 16 stencils although there are only 12 used in the card.

I hand draw each of these cards from the stencils using fine art colour pencils. A new approach for me to make my stencil cards. Long story, but I have just not been able to replace the obsolete inks I used to use to airbrush each card from my stencils.

Thanks for your interest.

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Hi Anne the finished card looks lovely
Nice to know how they are made, will you be able to reuse the stencils to make lots of cards? I have made some stencils but only from die cutting, nothing like yours I might add :blush:

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Hi Debby @Bearlescent,

Thanks for your feedback :grinning:

Yes I can re-use the stencils to hand draw more cards.

Most of the cards in my Folksy shop were originally each individually airbrushed from hand cut stencils I made, using an airbrush system that is now obsolete. The inks were touch dry when they hit the paper which made them relatively cost effective and quick to make. Each time I airbrushed a card from the stencils it was slightly different because it was individually made, so the customers had real handmade cards.

Because I could not get the inks anymore, I scanned those designs and print them now myself onto digital fine art paper using archival inks. It took me longer to scan them all and make digital files, than it did to draw the originals and make all the stencils.

I’ve been trying to find a replacement ink, but nothing new works properly in the old airbrush system I have. I had intended to use a replacement ink when I first showed the “work in progress” in September, but there were technical problems with the new inks.

So I tried colour pencil and the Christmas Tree is the result.

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People don’t realise the amount of time and work that goes into making things.
I hope you manage to find some other inks for your airbrush system, the new cards look lovely anyway.

I bought an airbrush system and compressor a few years ago with the intention of hand spraying my mohair on bears, to give them tipped mohair, I tried it once in my conservatory but I was rather messy with it and had a cream suite at the time.

I forgot I even had it until you mentioned airbrushing, it was quite expensive as well, mmm it may be in the loft.

Anyway have fun and I’m pleased you will be able to re-use the stencils after all the work that has gone into making them, hopefully the next cards will be easier, I suppose it is nice to try new things and to create different effects as well though.

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