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Show your 'Work In Progress' - WIP

(Little Annies Handmade Boutique) #966

Working on a new baby sweater in bamboo cottons :slight_smile:

(LimeTreeArt) #967

(Helen Healey) #968

A new design in progress. A seagull tote bag.

(Grimm Exhibition) #969

Today Ive been working on a bee themed shadow box pendant and soldering a haloangel%20(1)

(Blackthorpe) #970

I started these a little while ago and have managed to finish them this week.
Both are made from silk, except the bag lining which is waterproof polyester.

(NorthernLightsLampshadeDesign) #971

Our latest design… love is in the air taking shape…

(Turquoisebee) #972

Working on a new design for a necklace - I’m still working out the exact layout though!

(MadeintheTemple) #973

Making a batch of coin purses for the shop.

(Grimm Exhibition) #974

I seem to be having a Frida Fest. New necklace pendants in the making.

(Licimodesigns) #975

This is a part way finished custom make based in this piece I have for sale.

Customer want d the same but in various shades of grey… Just waiting for the nod from her to go ahead and fix it all in place if she’s happy with the design.

(Pippa Mac) #976

I’m making a whole lot of vintage chart books, not only for my Folksy shop but also for the LLangollen Tourist Centre shop, and I have a craft market on the 1st July. It’s almost a production line now! :sweat_smile:

(Julie Lewis) #977

Show your ‘Work In Progress’ - WIP

Guess what Julie will be starting soon!:santa:

(Suzzie Godfrey) #978

Braid, for rugs. Looks messy now, but once coiled it’ll turn out perfect

(Silvana Briers) #979

These will be peacock brooches once I’ve done a few more layers of glass paint - just one coat so far.

(Kim Blythe) #980

This is a test run for a new coin purse.

(Grimm Exhibition) #981

Awful photos(again) but Im working on a leather bound miniature book which il house in one of my metal and glass shadow box pendant necklaces.

(Tracey Christie) #982

This is me in my home based work studio hand stitching leather handles onto a handbag

(Grimm Exhibition) #983

Ive been working on a new Moonshine doll, this time with a twist, she is a mermaid. Still mid make, her tail is going to move when done.

(Christine E.) #984

I’m finding it quite hard to be motivated as nobody seems to want the things I make any more! :slight_smile: Have managed to get a few things together to set in resin for fridge magnet sets…

(Helen Healey) #985

Looks like some lovely things here Christine. I look forward to seeing them finished.