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(Grimm Exhibition) #986

@coatimundi Hi, can I ask what kind of metal you are using?

(Christine E.) #987

It’s sheet pewter. I used to do a lot of detailed repousse work, but got fed up with all the filling and patinating so gave it up. This way I can use up the remaining pieces :slight_smile:

(Julie Lewis) #988

:brain::thought_balloon::speech_balloon:We ere thinking at the moment :thought_balloon::loudspeaker: Wont be long!:santa::mrs_claus:

(Handigift) #989

Work in progress. Designed and 3D printed the prototype, then created a mould so I can test out which materials I want the end product to be made with. Just making 3d prints of the coaster may be quick but making a mess in the shed to create the perfect interpretation of the idea is more fun.


Currently sculpting 1:12th scale meat pies for some miniature food scenes am planning.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #991

I thought they were real ones! And the caption was going to be something like ‘working my way through eating them’!!! Or just making a chutney to go with!!! Brilliant xx :yum:

(Suzzie Godfrey) #992

Another big Jonah fish jumper in the


thank you! I’m trying to achieve realism so I really appreciate the compliment! Now for the miniature chutney to go with!

(Marg) #994

Just to show that even the smallest pieces of fabric can be made into a pretty quilt.
The floral squares are 2.5" and the strips are 1.5" wide by either 2.5 or 3.5". Mind boggling, but very satisfying.

(Marg) #995

Those pies look good enough to eat, yummy.

(Joy Salt) #996

Plucking up courage to clear my work bench so I can get the lead onto this… for our shed… Bob’s birthday present.

PS The green bit bottom left under the leaf is now rippled clear like the rest as my friend suggested. She was right. Green was wrong.


carving out some 1:12th scale cutting boards…

(Loverocky) #998

I’m making some little covered books!

More for me than to sell… I don’t think they’re good enough. They’re lovely looking, but I’m not confident that they’d last well!

(MadeintheTemple) #999

I think they are very cute, why don’t you give them a try x

(Marg) #1000

I thought my patchwork squares and strips were small, but the tiny cutting boards are really small. One day I will try a 1:12 scale quilt.

(heathernesbitt) #1001

I’m working on some precious metal clay leaves today, they are hawthorn and take LOTS of layers of the paste before they are fired in the kiln.


miniature butter pats. Of course.


a wee quilt would be adorable! I’ve so much scrap material from quilting I thought for a moment to sew a miniature quilt too but that idea has been parked behind a million other ideas I want to tackle. Having only two hands is frustrating!

(Joy Salt) #1004

I have a new tool, a Morton Layout, which is sooooooooo much easier to use than the miscellaneous bits of wood and nails I’ve been using since year dot to keep my regular shaped pieces in place before soldering. I am really happy with it and with how this new design turned out.

(TheGlassArk) #1005

Thank you @JOYSofGLASS for sharing your WIP picture - I have not come across a Morton Layout before and it looks like a really useful device.