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Show your 'Work In Progress' - WIP

(Chris Stone) #1147

I have started quite an ambitious project, painting an old railway viaduct with a tricky perspective and even trickier reflections. Here is the initial sketch (the blue stuff is masking fluid). I’m sure it will be tweaked again before the paint goes on.

(Debby Coatham) #1148

Oh dear …another one who doesn’t like to see them in pieces :grinning::grin: I was just going to put a pic of my latest ongoing bear, perhaps I’ll wait until she’s finished lol

(Chris Stone) #1149

Oh go on, post it. Ignore the fragile and faint hearted among us! It’s amazing how you get so much character into your bears, from bits of fabric and stuffing!

(Debby Coatham) #1150

WIP…now for those of you who don’t like to see limbs and things ( @TheChrisArtist) I have attempted to photograph these pieces without giving away details of body parts :grinning::grin: so here she is…unassembled bear, simply stunning mohair I can’t wait to fill her, pieces sewn, hand embroidery done…just filling and attaching to go!

(Andy Twist) #1151

An ash distaff from near start to finish. I’ve now listed this one. Liz from down to earth recycling gave me the info for this distaff. It is a replica of the one found in the Oseberg ship burial. So its a Viking tool :sunglasses:

(Debby Coatham) #1152

Finished…she does look more silver and less rose in reality…

(Andy Twist) #1153

Thought I would make some candlesticks from some mahogany I rescued. The wood came originally from a local brewery that was demolished. Sacrilege!! While turning it I had to cut a band out to remove a nail hole. This left an unwanted groove so I cut some hawthorn and inlayed it. Not sure if it looks ok or not, but I will finish it off over the next few nights and see. :thinking:

(TreeofCraftyDelights) #1154

Here’s a little house that’s going to be part of my next seaside design. Made from scraps of wood and driftwood:

(Andy Twist) #1155

Finally got round to finishing this candlestick, I’ll list it soon. It is 20 inches high, quite a biggun

(Chris Stone) #1156

I’ve managed to get some paint on it now, but still a way to go.

(Lyn Mabbs) #1157

The weather is awful - again! So sat in front of the fire crocheting these little easter baskets. Just need to decorate and fill with little eggs.

(Linda Austin) #1158

Here is my WIP for today

Polymer Clay

(Tracey Christie) #1159

This is now finished but not online yet but here it is as a work in progress, its a large handbag / overnight bag in tweed and real leather with handmade leather handles

(Kim Blythe) #1160

A bag all cut out and ready to sew. The main fabric is Liberty from the new ‘Hesketh House’ range.

(Debby Coatham) #1161

WIP…Rag Doll, this is the end of day 3 and a long 10 hour day, tomorrow shoes to make and finish off the dress and pinafore. my first rag doll since 2014, I started making bears to sell and never got around to making any more dolls but 2019 should see a few popping up.

(Linda Austin) #1162

My WIP is a pendant made using Pebeo Prismo. Ready to have another coat.

(TreeofCraftyDelights) #1163

This is my new little coastal village nearly finished :smiley:

(Debby Coatham) #1164

(melaniebarnes) #1165

2 journal covers.

(Sara Smith) #1166

I am working on a new series of hand stitched cards