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Some ideas needed to make my bag distinguishable please!

Hi folks!

Thought I’d ask here as you’re all creative clever lot & clearly I’m useless when it comes to this sort of thing!

I basically have a 65L rucksack that fits inside this transit bag:

The bag also acts as a waterproof rucksack cover and is made out of the same fabric as a tent. It’s designed to pack down really small as well.

However, on an airport converyor belt it will blend in massively!! And I’m going to Peru in 3 weeks on a school trip and it’s the time of year loads of people go backpacking around Peru and feel like I am not going to be the only one with this cover- it’s the only one of it’s kind I could find! We’re doing a lot of travelling around so it will probably be in this cover a fair bit.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to anything I can put on it that will make it quite distinguishable?
I don’t want to pierce it as it’s waterproof.

Thank you all!! :smile:

Does it have a drawstring at the top? Could you tie some really bright ribbon to the drawstring, if so?

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My parents travel a lot, they have put curled shiny ribbon around the handles (like on a present)and an elasticated thick band around the whole case with their surname printed on it. Hope that gives you inspiration.

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It does have a drawstring…but is my bag allowed anything hanging off it?

Thanks. When I’ve been travelling with this rucksack before I’ve just left it uncovered and I’ve got random flag sewn on badges all over it so it’s really obvious! But this time I’ve got walking poles on one side of it and a ground mat rolled onto the other- so felt this was better without taking up inside room.
There’s 2 handles on the outside (and a drawstring on the top) so if they’re allowed to hang off it stuff like that then it’s definitely a possibility.

Ah. No idea, sorry. My only travel these days is down to Peterborough to see the in-laws, so travel is car or train only for me! Your airline should be able to tell you though.

Oh wait - how about something like a brightly coloured belt that you could tie round it - something with a tensioner type fastening? Camping or climbing supplies maybe?

Hmm that might work. I could definitely do that around the handles which are on both sides.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

These things should come with a large plain white area so we can draw/write our names on in brightly coloured fabric pens so they’re easy to see and grab! Haha all black is not helpful!

Could you do something with Washi tape? A recognisable pattern or your initials, maybe?

A good idea. I’ve not realty used washi tape before. Do you think that it will stick ok?

To be honest Susannah, it’s not something I’ve tried myself, so I’m not sure exactly how sticky it is. It does come in lots of colours and patterns, so you could definitely make your bag unique. I’ve had a look on the Hobbycraft website and you can get an 8m roll for £1, so you could always buy a roll and experiment. :smiley:
Enjoy Peru - it sounds like a great adventure!

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We have something very similar and opted to tie lengths of bright green long pile fake fur to the carry handle and drawstring bits (basically anywhere we could). Never had a problem with it on numerous conveyor belts/ airports.

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no - i think it will come off easily - how about large iron on initial letters.

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You could maybe use some fusible web and iron something nice and bright on the outside. Don’t let the iron get too hot though or you might not have a bag to take!

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You can get flourescent fabric pens/paints that might show on black fabric.

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Yeah I think the fabric might melt even on a low heat!

thanks for all your ideas guys!!! I know it sounds pretty trivial- but I really appreciate your help!!
I know fine well it will be me standing staring at the various conveyor belts we will be coming across for hours waiting for my bag that looks like everyone else’s!! Haha I think I’ll just do various things that you’ve all suggested- and if some tape or whatever comes off hopefully something will remain on! Haha

You could maybe glue something on if tape won’t stick - I’m sure some of the craft/fabric glues would work or one of the spray glues.

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We have bright ribbon tied to the handles of most of our suitcases (green with daisies on much to my 14yo son’s embarrassment when he went on a school trip to Poland :blush:) it seems to work well

Cool thank you!! :smiley:

Good idea thanks! Think I’ll just go for a bit of everything! Haha

How about a large stencil with your name and using a permanent paint or spray paint in gold on both sides.
This would really stand out and make it disinguishable :slight_smile:

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