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Some PayPal issues on Android devices

(Doug Livesey) #1

Hi – there’s a problem with some PayPal transactions on Android devices, currently.
The issue is that buyers are being redirected to a non-existent page when selecting to complete the payment via their PayPal app on Android devices using the latest version of PayPal. If the buyer chooses instead to use the web interface, then everything proceeds just fine.
PayPal are aware of this bug, and assure us that they are working on a fix as quickly as possible.
We’re sorry for any inconvenience in the meantime.

Paypal Issues or Folksy problem?
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(Tina Martin) #3

Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

(Doug Livesey) #4

Hi – just an update on this. PayPal have been in touch, and have said that they’ll be pushing a fix for this out on Friday this week.
So fingers crossed! :slight_smile:
And thanks so much for bearing with us.

(HartAndCraft) #5

Hi @dougfolksy any news on this issue please?