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Some sales notifications being delayed 18th December

Hi – some people may have received delayed sales notifications just now from yesterday (18th December).
This was due to an issue with one of the email workers – more details on the status blog.
My apologies to anyone affected, the issue has been resolved now.

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Thanks very much Doug. Were you working all night to sort it out ? Got my delayed notification at 20 mins past midnight.

@dougfolksy Did this also affect messages ? Just received this:

Hi Joy,

I had sent you an email via folksy to ask if I could buy two items from you and combine postage but I didn’t hear back, so didn’t want to delay and miss the xmas post! Did you receive this?

Joy xx

Thanks @dougfolksy! This was affecting things from about midday yesterday, as I had a sale at about 1pm and heard from Paypal first rather than Folksy, which is a bit unusual.

Glad everything’s sorted and thanks for letting us know.

Sam x

That’s a really good point, thank you, and I’ve been investigating it. It looks like it has affected some messages to sellers, too, and I’m looking into getting those sent properly now.
I’ve managed to find the instances that failed in the logs, so I’ll work on a script to get those delivered today.
Thanks again so much for pointing that out!
And yes, it was a late night, but it sometimes is this time of year! :slight_smile:

@SamanthaStanley @JOYSofGLASS
A pleasure – thanks to you and all the other Folksy sellers who are so understanding when we need to fix things!


Thanks Doug. No problem with my orders. I quickly fixed the postage price on the second piece she wanted and off they fly to the post office right now (both birds :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )

Thanks Doug

I’ve just thanked my customer for bringing it to our attention.

Joy xx

Hi – I’ve just re-issued a few user emails from yesterday that our logs show didn’t send. There’s a very apologetic message from Folksy at the start of the message, and the time the original message was sent has been included.
I’ve just identified a few more, so I’ll get those processed and let you know here when they’re done.
And I’d just like to say again, thanks so much for your patience when we have to deal with these things, it really is appreciated.

And I’ve just got the remainder done, too – thanks again for everyone’s patience.

Thanks Doug. Got mine. :slight_smile:

Brilliant – and thank you again for the headsup about the user messages!

I got a delayed one too but it was not a problem as I had a notification from paypal, then went straight to my account and saw the sale and dealt with it before the email arrived.

I’ve just checked and mine came through absolutely fine yesterday, but it was an 11pm order :slight_smile: