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Staging of photo's

I wondered what peoples opinion is of staging of photographs, my friend told me to try a few and see if it improves them, have done two pictures but wondered if it made any difference to how they come across.
Just wondered what everyones opinion was?

I quite like staged photo’s, there are 5 slots to put photo’s in so it would do no harm to do one. i use things like sweets or money, I’ve even used a toothbrush, toothpaste and an apple next to my toothfairy doors. It usually gives the buyer an idea of size and scale. Maybe a cupcake with a candle in, a small toy, books a vase or flowers, as long as they match the item being sold I think it’s a good idea. :slight_smile:

Great thanks need to keep an eye out for items good idea sweets and things

I think a little staging is a good thing, it gives a sense of scale of the item. I’ve started using pale colour beach pebbles as it sets off my jewellery nicely but I need to find one that I can hang dangly earrings from. Pick an item or 2 that follows on from the theme of the card eg a small teddy bear for baby cards or a white rose and sprinkle of confetti for wedding cards. Make sure that you crop the main photo to a square shape so that you don’t loose bits of the image when its displayed on your shop front or in search results.

Thanks you for the feedback Sasha, good ideas for me to try

I always stage one of my 5 photos to give an idea of scale and in a setting that suits the item. For example, I photograph cosmetic bags with items of make-up and a cup and saucer in the shot and I always take one shot of my cushions on a wicker chair that I have. I never use it as the main photo but I think it helps a buyer to see what and item looks like in the context of its final use.

Helen @PocketfulCreations I’ve just had a quick look at your photos, and they do look good staged, I might think about staging mine, when the spring comes so I can take photos outside.

Thanks Marg, @memicrafts. It takes a bit more effort but I think it’s worth it. I find I struggle a bit with photography in general but I hope I’m improving a bit :smiley: