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Stall sign ideas

(Sarina Saddiq) #1

hi everyone :slight_smile: I would love some advice - next weekend I have a stall at the sunday Upmarket on Brick lane and don’t know what kind of sign to make to go above my stall! any ideas? x

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #2

How about your shop name or business name with a short description of your product

(Rachel) #3

What about a AR code so that people can get onto your shop, Bath uni are doing free codes at


(Sarina Saddiq) #4

thank you Diane and Rachel for your responses! I think I will make a sign with my business name on it :slight_smile: Rachel - I had no idea about AR codes, thank you SO much for the link, I have one now! so cool!

(Rachel) #5

Sorry they are QR codes not AR - my fingers dont always hit the correct keys sorry