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Story telling

‘A picture tells a thousand words’ so we are told. Well I agree. What stories does your artwork tell? My camper van earrings tell the story of finishing work on Friday, packing the van, and starting a summer adventure. Where will it will take us? What new sights shall we see? Start the engine and let’s go. The camper van tells stories of summer, sun, sea and adventure.


This is a painting of my daughter inspired by a walk that my daughter and I went on along our local canal.


My fabric bowls are made from vintage fabrics, many of which have their own stories. My first bowl, every fabric had been given to me by a friend when clearing her mother’s house. This one has some 70s bedsheets that I thought were cool at the time.

Love that delicate painting Tina @DaisyWings


To follow on from the Camper Van Theme, I have just finished this small bolster cushion on the same theme. This cushion is waiting to be included in someone’s story, in their campervan or caravan. I haven’t listed it yet, as I need to take a good photo.

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Thanks so much @SoSewMegan, you have such lovely and unique items in your shop, love them :slight_smile:

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The ‘Forget Me Not’ tells the story of two loved ones having to part. A flower which is a token of the need to be remembered until the loved ones return and embrace once again.

I love the imaginary worlds created in children’s stories and decided to create a little story world myself. I created Maisy and Mo - 2 little rag dolls and their little puppy Molly - and then wrote stories about the adventures that they have in Mulberry Green where they live.



The red rose of Lancaster. The white rose of York. But what of the blue rose? It does not exist in nature and, no matter how hard the horticulturist tries, a blue rose cannot be created. For me it is the blue rose of the imagination - stories yet to be told. Here are my blue rose earrings.

It looks as if we have enough for a ‘Camper Van gift guide’!

What a damn good idea!

My Fairies really do come with a story, only a short one though!

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Mine is a drawing of my love of being a teenager in the 70s. The fashion the makeup and the style. This is Daisy.