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Stripe and lack of sales

Since stripe was introduced I just dont seem to be getting any sales!?
The invasive questions it asks when signing up is putting me off using it.
Has anyone else’s sales been affeced by not joining up or is it just coincidence?

Val, it only asks for that additional information for a small proportion of new accounts. More than likely you will not be asked for anything - I wasn’t.

I wouldn’t have thought there’s any way not having Stripe would actually lose you sales. Anyone who was happy to pay you through PP before, will continue to be happy to use it if that’s all they are offered. There’s no way buyers can see which sellers have Stripe and which don’t (until checkout), so I doubt that they are trying to buy from you, seeing just PP, and going to someone else who does offer it, instead.

Camilla says that 40% of purchases since it went live, have been through Stripe. That has to be some hundreds of sales which have gone through entirely straightforwardly. I’d love to hear from some of those sellers - if they are not too busy wrapping and dispatching their orders! - it might put a lot of people’s minds at rest who are waiting to see how it goes before taking the plunge.


To be honest considering the time of year, sales are slow - compared to past years. I have noticed it at fairs as well as online.
The majority of my sales in the last month have been via Stripe, many of those have been from repeat customers who were previously just as happy to use PayPal.
if you accept Stripe that seems to be the default payment setting, so folk go with it.
My Stripe set up went smoothly, no invasive questions, and the payments are appearing in my bank account with no extra effort on my part. I’m glad my customers have a choice, as I do have a few who disliked PayPal.


I would say purely coincidence.
I have not signed up for Stripe and my sales have stayed consistent.

Sarah x

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Thanks Helen x

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I had wondered the same thing, as I have found sales have slowed down. But surely if someone sees something they want to buy, they should be happy to use paypal as previously.


All the sales I’ve made since stripe was introduced have been paid for using paypal dispite being signed up for stripe - my customers have made a conscious effort to check the other box and pay with paypal. I don’t see how having an extra option of paying by card (they don’t know its stripe) will put people off.


Thanks Jayne, perhaps it is just coincidence. I think I just needed a bit of reassurance that there wasn’t a problem with purchasing. I will have to take a look at revamping my shop I reckon. Val x

Thanks Sasha,
I feel much more reassured. I think I just need to take a look at my shop and give it a new lease of life. Val xx

Same here…

I have had 3 sales with stripe and more sales with paypal so people are still using paypal

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Hi Val. Firstly to reassure you, there are no problems with checkout. If you haven’t connected your shop to Stripe, customers won’t see anything different when buying from you than they did before. They will be offered the Paypal option and that is still working as it was - we haven’t made any changes to that.

One seller did have a problem with the new card checkout – that was because they linked their Stripe account to Folksy and then deleted their Stripe account. We’re putting measures in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

A small proportion have been asked for verification when signing up to Stripe and a few of those have been asked to verify their identity with some sort of official documentation (eg a driving licence) - this is part of Stripe’s legal obligation as a card payment provider and it’s to protect buyers as well as you as a seller.

If you have any questions or need any further information or help, please do contact our support team at


Thanks Valerie xx

Thanks Joy xx

Thankfully I had no questions at all either, in fact it was so easy I thought I had done something wrong and kept checking it and eventually decided I hadn’t done it correctly. Then an order paid by Stripe came through this week so happy days, yet to receive the money which will be Monday I assume, so will be even happier then xx


I’ve had some sales go through via Stripe - It’s gone smoothly and I’ve received money to my bank account via Stripe without a problem. I’m really happy with it because the commission is less than it is for PayPal. I wasn’t asked for anything invasive when I signed up, didn’t realise anyone was :confused: